In recent months we have learned that two of the stars of Sex and the City follow-up series, And Just Like That, won't be returning for season 3.


Sara Ramirez's character Che Diaz is reported to have been written out of the show after her storyline concluded, while Karen Pittman is unable to return as Nya Wallace due to scheduling conflicts.

Now, while speaking exclusively with, Seema Patel star Sarita Choudhury has reacted to the news, saying it's "hard to imagine" the actors not returning for the new run.

Asked for her reaction to the news, Choudhury said: "It's so new, the news, and we haven't started shooting, so I don't know what it's gonna be like. But it's definitely hard to imagine just because it takes a while to meld as a group. But also, I know they're doing other things now, so I'm happy for them.

"My storyline is so hooked in with Sarah Jessica's character, so I've never been able to act with them anyway. I'll miss them in the hallways."

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Sara Ramirez as Che Diaz in And Just Like That.
Sara Ramirez as Che Diaz in And Just Like That. HBO

Choudhury was speaking with about her role in hit Prime Video series Fallout, which is based on the video game franchise of the same name.

**Warning: Spoilers ahead for Fallout season 1**

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In that series, her character, commander Lee Moldaver, appeared to die in the final episode of the season, but with season 2 on the way, some fans have theorised that she could have survived.

Choudhury addressed these theories, saying: "It's so interesting because a lot of thought goes into those things. I love that there's ambiguity, but also, the lights go off for Moldaver. That's how I see it. And especially because she just gave light with the cold fusion.

"I just came up with that now, so I don't know, but it kind of makes sense, even just with the closing of the eyes."

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