Jack Whitehall: Filming Inside No 9 made me vomit

Comedian reveals that an episode in the new series set on a train gave him such motion sickness he had to run off set and throw up

What makes Jack Whitehall vomit? It’s the question that everyone no one is asking.


Well, we have an answer for you anyway. It’s filming a scene in the new series of BBC comedy Inside No 9.

The Bad Education and Fresh Meat actor guest stars as a trustafarian traveller in an episode of the new series set on a train – and it didn’t go quite to plan. The wobbling of the set which recreated the motion of the carriage got so bad the poor chap ran off and vomited.

“It’s definitely the most intimate location I have ever been on,” he says of the set. “It’s all on springs so it moves around like a train carriage – and I suffer from very bad motion sickness so on the first day I threw up. I had to literally run off the set half way through a scene and throw up in the loo. So it was quite an auspicious start.”

In the episode, he plays Hugo, a posh boy (yes, again) who crashes in on the sleeper carriage populated by a group of strangers.

We won’t ruin things by telling you much more but this being Inside No 9 – the chilling comedy written by Psychoville creators Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton – some pretty unpleasant things happen in the opening episode called La Couchette.

It sees Pemberton playing a flatulent drunk German with Shearsmith taking on the role of a creepily fastidious English doctor.

Coronation Street star Julie Hesmondhalgh and Mark Benton play a couple who are travelling to attend their daughter’s wedding.

Still, Whitehall does not regret taking on the role. He adds: “I was a massive fan of the first series and may or may not have nagged Reece and Steve to find a Jack Whitehall-shaped hole in the second series so I’m very thankful that they managed to do so.”

Adds Shearsmith: “This again is quiet an intimate situation. We thought it would be a funny idea that you are at the point where you want to be relaxed and it’s where you are the most embarrassed because you’re potentially in a room full of strangers when you try to go to bed at night, that’s kind of an odd frisson to play with. So we thought it would be a good idea, six people arriving in a tiny carriage to go to bed and their experience of that night.”


Inside No 9 returns to BBC2 later this spring