How similar are the new Dad’s Army cast to the TV originals?

Click to compare Toby Jones as Captain Mainwaring, Bill Nighy as Sergeant Wilson and Michael Gambon as Private Godfrey as the big film adaptation makes its way to screen


So, you’re sitting down to watch yet another Dad’s Army repeat. Why? Because even after almost 50 years it’s still on of the best things about Saturday nights.


Which brings us to the second question: have you seen the trailer for the Dad’s Army movie remake yet? And if so, how convinced are you that Toby Jones can wear Captain Mainwaring’s specs with pride?

Pulling on his fatigues next to him are Bill Nighy as Sergeant Wilson, Michael Gambon as Private Godfrey and Tom Courtenay as Corporal Jones.

We’ve been checking over the trailer again to find out how similar they are compared to the classic TV originals – and, to be fair, the results are surprisingly striking.

Compare them yourself by clicking on the tiles below.

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