It's been three-and-a-half years since we saw Nessa propose to Smithy in the 2019 Gavin & Stacey Christmas special, and since then rumours have continued to swirl about a return for the show, in order to tie up the series and clear up that massive cliffhanger.


Last year Stacey star Joanna Page said that there's "got to be another one" and some have even wondered whether a fourth season could be on the cards.

However, speaking in this week's Radio Times magazine, Pam and Mick stars Alison Steadman and Larry Lamb have been clear that they'd be looking to return for a special - and not a full run of episodes.

Steadman said: "I’d like to do another, but I don’t know if I could do seven episodes. A special would be great fun and it wouldn’t be too draining and exhausting. The Christmas special cliffhanger ending was brilliant. I was really touched and moved by it."

Meanwhile, Lamb said: "It’s like getting the family together again, so absolutely yes to another one. But a one-hour special, which is three weeks of really intense work, that will do me."

The cast of Gavin & Stacey standing together
The cast of Gavin & Stacey. BBC

This isn't the first time the pair have weighed in on the potential for the show to return. In 2022, Steadman said that she doubted that there would be a return for the series, but added that "that’s what I said in the nine-year gap and I was wrong".

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Meanwhile, Lamb said in 2020 that he was "sure the BBC can persuade Ruth and James to write more", adding that it is therefore a question of "when, not if".

However, last year co-creator and Smithy star James Corden said the exact opposite - he claimed that the last few times he had spoken with co-creator Ruth Jones they hadn't "even mentioned it, really", but added that "she’ll know when it’s right and together we’ll figure it out".

He continued: "If – if – that ever happens, but I do think it’s a big 'if', I don’t think it’s a 'when'."

Steadman and Lamb were speaking with Radio Times magazine ahead of their documentary series Alison & Larry: Billericay to Barry, in which they will be taking a road trip between the two iconic Gavin & Stacey locations.

Radio Times magazine cover, with the Premier League trophy on the front
Radio Times magazine.

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