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Meet the cast of Cuckoo season 4

The Greg Davies-led comedy returns to BBC3 - and there's still a Hollywood star in the mix

Published: Tuesday, 7th August 2018 at 8:45 am

Greg Davies and Taylor Lautner are back for another eight-part series of Cuckoo on BBC3 after a two year hiatus.


The comedy revolves around the Thompson family in Lichfield, Staffordshire, who welcome an eager, enthusiastic young American (Dale, played by Twilight's Taylor Lautner) into their home after he knocks on their door in search of Cuckoo (played by Andy Samberg, who departed after season one), a young hippie who he believes to be his father.

The new series will see Davies's patriarch Ken in competition with his work colleague Nina (Juliet Cowen) for Litchfield's Lawyer of the Year award, while Dale ponders asking for Rachel's (Ken's daughter, played by Esther Smith) hand in marriage.

Find out everything you need to know about the cast of Cuckoo below.

Ken Thompson, played by Greg Davies


Who is Ken Thompson? The patriarch of the family. He is a Nazi history enthusiast who works as a lawyer, though he previously had aspirations of becoming a local counsellor.

Where have I seen Greg Davies before? Greg is a massive figure in the British comedy scene, both in reputation and physical stature (he's 6 ft 8). He is best known for his roles in sitcoms Man Down, which he also wrote, and The Inbetweeners, and as the host of comedy gameshow Taskmaster. He also featured in Doctor Who 2015 Christmas special The Husbands of River Song.

Lorna Thompson, played by Helen Baxendale

WARNING: Embargoed for publication until 15:00:01 on 19/06/2018 - Programme Name: Cuckoo S4 - TX: n/a - Episode: Generic (No. n/a) - Picture Shows: ++++publication of this image is strictly embargoed until 1500 hours Tuesday June 19th, 2018+++++ Ken Thompson (GREG DAVIES), Lorna Thompson (HELEN BAXENDALE) - (C) Rough Cut - Photographer: Robert Parfitt

Who is Lorna Thomson? Ken's wife, who is a little more open-minded and less uptight than her husband.

Where have I seen Helen Baxendale before? In Friends, as Rachel – I mean Emily – Ross's second wife. And in the original run of Cold Feet, as Rachel (for real this time).

Dale Ashbrick Jr, played by Taylor Lautner

Programme Name: Cuckoo S4 - TX: n/a - Episode: n/a (No. 2) - Picture Shows: Dale Ashbrick (TAYLOR LAUTNER) - (C) Rough Cut - Photographer: Paul Stephenson

Who is Dale Ashbrick, Jr? The chirpy, ultra-naive American who moved into the Thompson's house after stumbling across it in a search for his father. He is in a relationship with Ken and Lorna's daughter, Rachel.

Where have I seen Taylor Lautner before? The Hollywood star played Kristen Stewart's werewolf love interest in the Twilight film series.

Dylan Thompson, played by Tyger Drew-Honey

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Who is Dylan Thompson? Lorna and Ken's scheming son, who managed to swerve university for far longer than could reasonably have been expected.

Where have I seen Tyger Drew-Honey before? He played Jake in BBC's Outnumbered, and has featured in Scream Street, Death in Paradise and Midsomer Murders.

Rachel Thompson, played by Esther Smith (played by Tamla Kari in season 1)

Cuckoo S4

Who is Rachel Thompson? Ken and Lorna's daughter, who came back from a gap-year married to free-spirited hippie Cuckoo (Andy Samberg). He has now run off, and she has since taken up with his "son" Dale.

Where have I seen Esther Smith before? She played Madge in Black Mirror's Christmas special White Christmas, and she has also starred in Skins, Siblings and Uncle.

Nina Morgan, played by Juliet Cowan


Who is Nina Morgan? Ken's work rival.


Where have I seen Juliet Cowan before? She is best known for her roles in Skins, This Life and The Sarah Jane Adventures.


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