This Country gets a third series and a one-off special

Kerry and Lee ‘Kurtan’ Mucklowe will be back for more of the acclaimed BBC3 comedy

This Country (BBC, EH)

The BBC is lifting the Kurtan on another series of This Country.


The new run of the award-winning mockumentary will continue to follow young cousins Kerry and Kurtan Mucklowe as their future in their claustrophobic Cotswolds village hangs in the balance.

At the end of series two *spoiler alert* Kerry was seen visiting the police station after being accused of hoarding stolen vacuum cleaners. Whether she will confess to the crime or land her own relation in trouble remains to be seen after the feckless Martin hired the lock-up in her name to store the stolen goods.

Written by and starring siblings Daisy May Cooper (Kerry) and Charlie Cooper (Kurtan), the new special is likely to be the first to air, picking up on the recent cliff-hanger at the end of This Country’s second series.

The new run is expected to include all of the show’s supporting characters. These include Martin, Reverend Francis Seaton (the local vicar and one-time 80s popstar) and aspiring tattoo artist, bodyguard and S Club 7 fan, Mandy Harris.

The special will begin filming this summer and is expected to air in the autumn, according to sources. Series three will begin filming in 2019 and is likely to be broadcast towards the end of the same year.

Shane Allen, Controller of Comedy Commissioning, said: “Once in a while a show lands fully formed and audiences take it to their hearts immediately. Daisy and Charlie’s characters and world have struck a chord with viewers of all ages as their sharp writing delivers a winning mix of heartfelt moments and punchy belly laughs, all performed to comic perfection.”

The second series of This Country launched in February 2018 on BBC3 and BBC iPlayer with a slot on BBC1 on Tuesday nights.

It has had over 11 million iPlayer requests to date and on BBC1 has seen audiences of well over a million viewers with an average 13% audience share.

This Country recently won three RTS Programme Awards for Comedy Writer, Comedy Performance and Best Scripted Comedy. The show has also been nominated four times at the upcoming BAFTA and BAFTA Craft Awards.

This Country (BBC, EH)
This Country (BBC, EH)

The whole second series of This Country is available on BBC iPlayer as a boxset until the end of September