Daisy and Charlie Cooper are the brains behind cult BBC3 comedy hit This Country, and also star as cousins Kerry and Kurtan Mucklowe. But in real life the Coopers are siblings – and they've found roles for a few other family members too...


But who's who and how exactly are they related? Allow us to break it down for you and also introduce you to the rest of the cast...

Kerry – Daisy May Cooper

Kerry (DAISY MAY COOPER) in This Country

Actress and writer Daisy plays leading lady Kerry, while her brother Charlie plays Kerry's cousin, Kurtan. Her on-screen dad is played by her real-life dad, Paul Cooper, and her real-life uncle, Trevor Cooper, plays local grump Len Clifton.

Daisy also plays Kerry's mum, though we never actually see her on screen.

Kurtan – Charlie Cooper

Kayleigh (CELESTE DRING) and Kurtan (CHARLIE COOPER) in This Country

Charlie plays Kerry's cousin Kurtan, but in reality, he's her brother. His real-life dad plays his on-screen uncle, Martin Mucklowe, and his real-life uncle is Len Clifton, played by Trevor Cooper.

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Martin Mucklowe – Paul Cooper

Martin Mucklowe This Country BBC

Daisy and Charlie's real dad plays Kerry's father and Kurtan's uncle in the BBC series. His brother, Trevor, plays Len Clifton.

Len Clifton – Trevor Cooper

Trevor Cooper as Len Clifton in This Country, BBC, SL

Daisy and Charlie's uncle Trevor plays Kerry and Kurtan's local nemesis, Len. Trevor's real-life brother Paul plays Kerry's dad.

Reverend Francis Seaton aka The Vicar – Paul Chahidi

The Vicar (PAUL CHAHIDI) in This Country

Actor Paul Chahidi plays Kerry and Kurtan's mentor, local vicar Francis Seaton. He's not related to the Coopers but his face may look familiar as he's a highly respected star of stage and screen.

Slugs and Kayleigh – Michael Sleggs and Celeste Dring

Slugs (MICHAEL SLEGGS) and Kayleigh (CELESTE DRING) in This Country

Michael Sleggs is a long-time friend of Daisy and Charlie Cooper. His character, Slugs, was actually based on him.

Celeste Dring is something of a TV newcomer but she’s already played royalty. The actress, who popped up in Josh, and Morgana Robinson’s the Agency, plays Princess Eugenie in royal comedy The Windsors. She is not related to the Coopers.

Sandra Prounty - Holly Atkins

Holly Atkins as Sandra Prounty in This Country (BBC screenshot, EH)

Sandra is the long-suffering partner of Martin Mucklowe, and the mother of Kerry's half brothers.

Holly Atkins has appeared in Call the Midwife, Doctors, Casualty and BBC3's Witless. She is not related to the Coopers.

Terry Clarke - Mark Kempner

Martin Kempner as Terry Clarke in This Country (BBC screenshot, EH)

Terry is the manager of the club house where Kurtan works as a bar man.

Mark Kempner appeared in a 2014 episode of Doctor Who, Deep Breath, as a cabbie, and has also been seen in Peep Show, Holby City and EastEnders. He is not related to the Coopers.

Trevor Bagstone - Colin Mace

Colin Mace as Trevor Bagstone in This Country (BBC screenshot, EH)

Trev is one of the former members of Martin Mucklowe's biker gang, Satan's Fingers.

Colin Mace has starred in Doctors, Thirteen, The Lost Honour of Christopher Jefferies and EastEnders, to name a few. He is not related to the Coopers.

Big Mandy Harris – Ashley McGuire

Big Mandy (ASHLEY MCGUIRE) in This Country

Ashley McGuire is no stranger to playing intimidating characters – she was actually a Death Eater in the Harry Potter films! And she's also popped up on all manner of TV series, from Man Down (she played the equally intimidating cafe owner Shakira) to Miranda, Derek and Decline and Fall. She is not related to the Coopers.

Sophie – Abra Thompson

Sophie (ABRA THOMPSON) in This Country

Newcomer Abra Thompson plays Kurtan's friend, Sophie. She's not related to the Coopers either.

Dan – Jimmy Walker

Martin Mucklowe (PAUL COOPER), Kurtan (CHARLIE COOPER), Dan (JIMMY WALKER) in This Country

Jimmy Walker plays Martin's workmate, Dan. You might have previously spotted him in Call the Midwife or Endeavour, and he's played many roles on stage too. And nope, you guessed it, he's not related to the Coopers.


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