The Brassic gang are back for a hilarious festive special this year – and we finally have our first look at what could be in store.


As well as recently getting some first-look images and a confirmed release date for the episode, which will air on Sky Max, we now have a clip that introduces us to some of the sweary chaos to come.

In the video from A Very Brassic Christmas, we see two weary travellers recreating a well-known nativity scene and looking for room at a shelter.

As they make their way over a field, they come to what they think is an inn, but once they knock on the door, they are greeted by Brassic's resident blunt farmer, Farmer Jim (Steve Evets).

As if embodying the Grinch himself, Jim quickly dismisses the pair, telling them in no uncertain terms to go away.

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When the man asks whether they can take shelter at his home because his wife is pregnant, Farmer Jim quickly exclaims: "What the f*** do you think I am? Airbnb?"

Jim also wastes no time in reminding the pair that donkeys don't like being sat on, despite the woman sitting on one. He slams the door, and with it, his wreath falls to the floor - suggesting Jim isn't in the most festive of spirits.

Watch the clip for yourself below - but be warned, there is some explicit language.

And while Jim may not be emitting all the goodwill in the clip, the same can't be said of the Brassic gang, who will be putting their heads together to help save Christmas day the Brassic way.

According to the synopsis for A Very Brassic Christmas: "Nobody does Christmas like the Brassic gang. The plan is to kick back, relax and enjoy life to the max.

"But then comes the inevitable: A call from Dr Chris saying his aunt is in crisis and needs looking after, and a robbery at Tyler’s school ruining his nativity.

"Vinnie, Erin Tommo, Cardi, Carol Ashely and JJ must now bring on their A-game and help save Christmas the Brassic way.

"Bring on a heist at a winter wonderland, a fight with a man called Dick Dolphin, babysitting Chris’s Aunt and the best nativity ever staged."

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The new festive special will not only see the main crew reprise their roles, but will also feature guest appearances from Imelda Staunton as fellow The Crown star Dominic West's on-screen aunt Edie.

Also joining the Brassic festive fun is Taskmaster's Greg Davies, who will play Dick Dolphin in the festive special.

Speaking of his role in the episode, Davies said: "I love Brassic. I think it's the mayhem and I think it's the surreal comedy, there's a real sort of energy to it.

"I think Brassic has got a lot of heart, too. I'm also acting opposite Imelda Staunton, but what I am most worried about is my northern accent."

Joe Gilgun and Michelle Keegan are obviously back as Vinnie O'Neill and Erin Croft, with Tommo (Ryan Sampson), Cardi (Tom Hanson), Carol (Bronagh Gallagher), Ash (Aaron Heffernan) and JJ (Parth Thakerar) all in on the Christmas fun also.

A Very Brassic Christmas will air on Sky Max on Thursday 21st December at 10pm. All episodes of Brassic are available to watch on demand.

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