Beef is Netflix's latest comedy-drama that has got everyone talking.


The show stars Ali Wong and Steven Yeung as two strangers who end up in a long-running feud that threatens to upend their entire lives, leading to a shocking finale.

Beef has been a huge success, with many viewers already clamouring for a second season.

While the show’s creator Lee Sung Jin has said a second season could indeed be on the cards, he has also made clear that the first season of Beef was always considered a complete story – and that a second instalment would star new characters and "other beefs".
Sadly, that would mean the end of the road for Wong and Yeun, who lead the cast of season 1 as Amy and Danny. Read on for everything you need to know about the actors and where you've seen them before, as well as who they play.

Beef cast: Who stars in the Netflix series?

The cast of Beef is as follows:

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  • Ali Wong as Amy
  • Steven Yeun as Danny
  • Joseph Lee as George
  • Young Mazino as Paul
  • David Choe as Isaac
  • Patti Yasutake as Fumi
  • Remy Holt as June
  • Maria Bello as Jordan Forster
  • Ashley Park as Naomi
  • Justin H Min as Edwin
  • Alyssa Gihee Kim as Veronica
  • Mia Serafino as Mia
  • Andie Ju as Esther
  • Andrew Santino as Michael
  • Rek Lee as Bobby

For more about the cast of Beef, read on...

Steven Yeun plays Danny

Danny sat in his car with the window rolled down, screaming

Who is Danny? A contractor whose finances are in the red, despite his best efforts to change that. "Danny is someone who's trying to do a good job and do what he thinks he's supposed to do, but from his eyes, it just seems like the world is out to take him down," said Yeun.

He's also hyper-conscious of living up to his parent's expectations and has a difficult relationship with his brother. "Playing Danny was an exploration of some of the impulses we all have when we're in a constant state of fear, or living with a constant sense of insecurity."

Where have I seen Steven Yeun before? Most people will know him from The Walking Dead. You might also have watched him in A24's Minari and Jordan Peele's Nope.

Ali Wong plays Amy

Amy pointing a handgun at her phone with an angry expression on her face

Who is Amy? A self-made entrepreneur who is on the cusp of selling her business for a lot of money, she's also a wife and a mother. Amy appears to have the perfect life, but it's a different story beneath the surface.

"There are themes of abandonment – even if your parents were seemingly there for you in all the most important ways, that fear of abandonment and resentment can really affect you," said Wong.

Where have I seen Ali Wong before? You might recently have watched her in Prime Video's Paper Girls. Wong is also a stand-up comedian with a number of Netflix specials. You might recognise her voice from animated comedies Big Mouth and Tuca & Bertie.

Young Mazino plays Paul

Paul sat on the toilet lid while on his phone

Who is Paul? Danny's younger brother. The pair have a strained relationship, with Paul constantly trying to distance himself from his sibling. Speaking about his character, Mazino said: "Most guys who work out to that degree would puff out their chests, but Paul doesn't carry himself that way. He's hunched over most of the time. He makes himself small."

Where have I seen Young Mazino before? This is his most sizeable screen role to date.

Joseph Lee plays George

george sat in an arm chair, leaning forward, with a smile on his face

Who is George? Amy's husband. Their marriage is in a precarious place. He has a naturally sunny disposition, which he tries to impart on Amy. George's father was a well-respected artist and he sometimes finds it difficult living in his shadow. He makes his own vases, but Amy detests his work.

Where have I seen Joseph Lee before? You might have watched him in Star Trek: Picard.

David Choe as Isaac

isaac sat at a table with his back against the wall

Who is Isaac? Danny and Paul's loud, outspoken cousin, who was recently released from prison. He refuses to do things by the book and is always cooking up a scheme.

Where have I seen David Choe before? He is best known for his podcast work and art.

Patti Yasutake as Fumi

Fumi standing next to a customer in the showroom presenting a green egg-shaped chair

Who is Fumi? George's mother. She was essentially a PR for her artist husband, who died a few years ago. Fumi has a frosty relationship with Amy and clashes with her daughter-in-law on numerous issues.

Where have I seen Patti Yasutake before? You might recognise her from the Star Trek franchise, in which she played Nurse Ogawa.

Maria Bello as Jordan Forster

Jordan sat at a table at a dinner party, smiling

Who is Jordan Forster? A billionaire who wants to acquire Amy's company. She has a room filled with sacred headdresses in her mansion, which is an overt example of her "tendency to appropriate from other cultures".

"There would be an aspect of appropriation even in what she does to [Amy's company] Kōyōhaus and the way she rebrands it," said production designer Grace Yun and showrunner Lee Sung Jin. "She wants to own and conquer."

Where have I seen Maria Bello before? Her TV credits include NCIS and ER. She has appeared in the following films: Prisoners, The Sisters, A History of Violence, The Cooler, and Coyote Ugly.

Ashley Park plays Naomi

Naomi dressed in a white robe

Who is Naomi? Jordan's sister-in-law who strikes up a friendship with Amy. She's a stay-at-home mum who also carries out non-profit work and is involved in various other projects. She gets very defensive when people imply her only responsibility is looking after her children.

Where have I seen Ashley Park before? She plays Mindy in Netflix's Emily in Paris. Park also stars in comedy feature Joy Ride and period drama Mr Malcolm's List. You might also have watched her in musical comedy Girls5eva.

Justin H Min plays Edwin

Edwin stood on stage with his band, wearing his guitar and holding his mic

Who is Edwin? A praise team leader at a local Korean church and a childhood friend of Danny's.

Where have I seen Justin H Min before? He plays Ben in Netflix's The Umbrella Academy. He also appeared in After Yang with Colin Farrell and Jodie Turner-Smith, and comedy film Shortcomings.

Mia Serafino plays Mia

Mia smiling

Who is Mia? One of Amy's employees. The pair have vastly different personalities, which grates on Amy.

Where have I seen Mia Serafino before? She appeared in NBC sitcom Crowded.

Additional characters include:

  • Remy Holt (The Afterparty) as June, Amy and George's daughter
  • Alyssa Gihee Kim (Dave) as Veronica, Edwin's wife
  • Andie Ju (Stargirl) as Esther, another member of the Korean church
  • Andrew Santino (Dave) as Michael and Rekstizzy as Bobby, Isaac's associates
  • Gina Lee as Mrs Cho and Jerry Hanjoo Kim as Mr Cho, Danny and Paul's parents
  • Hong Dao (The Emperors's Gift) and Kelvin Han Yee (Milk) as Mr and Mra Lau, Amy's parents
  • Kayla Blake (Sports Night) as Dr Catherine Lin, Amy's therapist

Beef is available to stream on Netflix. Sign up for Netflix from £4.99 a month. Netflix is also available on Sky Glass and Virgin Media Stream.

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