Following the release of the John Lewis Christmas advert 2022, we've just about had all Christmas adverts we can expect this year.


The likes of John Lewis, McDonalds and O2 have charity angles, with all pledging to help those in need at Christmas.

Alongside John Lewis’ highly-anticipated advert, other retailers have also pulled out all the stops, with Asda’s proving very popular at the moment owing to the inclusion of Will Ferrell’s Buddy the Elf.

And as ever, we've had the return of Kevin the Carrot in Aldi's Home Alone-inspired advert.

We’ve helpfully rounded up the best Christmas adverts below - read on to see the best in 2022.

Best Christmas adverts 2022

Aldi: Home Alone

Kevin the Carrot is back for another exciting adventure this Christmas, but it's a little closer to home this time around. In Aldi's exciting advert for the 2022 season, the Carrot family are ready to go on holiday to Paris, and just as they settle in for their flight, they realise someone's missing: Kevin!

Kevin meanwhile, is at the house having his own Home Alone style capers until he's finally reunited with his family after outwitting the burglars. It's gone down well with TV viewers who think it's a fun take on Christmas adverts.

McDonald's: The List

McDonald's has produced one of the most touching Christmas adverts of the season with The List. A little boy, named Alfie sets about making his Christmas list when he sees a little girl and her father playing out with a bike. Alfie starts to make a massive Christmas list while his mum sets about ticking things off hers.

He sets about delivering his list to the post, but a gust of wind whisks it out of his hand and into the sky. Devastated, Alfie and his mum takes him to McDonald's for some food. When they leave, he reveals what was on his list, and he has one wish left in his pocket - a drawing of him and his family together.

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The advert has star power behind it and is directed by Tom Hooper, the Oscar winning director behind The King's Speech. Becky Hill provides a rendition of Only You.

O2: The Snowgran

A snow-woman dressed in the style of a grandmother is feeling quite left-out this Christmas, watching everyone together and having fun at Christmas. One uniting feature is that they're all looking over phones, but the Snowgran feels left out.

That is until little girl Billie and O2's Bubl character head to her door to give her a Christmas card and an all-important present - an O2 Christmas SIM card to help her reconnect.

Snowgran starts to thaw having received the gift of connectivity and we see she isn't really a snow-woman at all, but she's a woman who's been feeling lonely over Christmas.

To accompany the campaign, O2 will be gifting an additional one million GB of data to those in need of data. They are also creating bespoke Christmas SIM cards which customers can gift to loved ones who may be feeling disconnected.

John Lewis: The Beginning

John Lewis’ Christmas advert in 2022 centres around small acts of kindness and effort that can go a long way. Their campaign this year centres around a foster family, who are about to welcome a new child in care to their home.

The child loves to skateboard, so her new foster father sets about learning the tricky skill in a bid to help her fit into her new home. Viewers then see a series of calamitous tumbles and scrapes as he continuously tries to master skateboarding.

Finally, just moments before Ellie arrives at her new home, he makes a breakthrough - though not without some war wounds along the way! Ellie softens as she spots her new foster father’s skateboard as well as his poorly arm and agrees to enter their home.

The moving offering is accompanied by a reimagining of Blink 182’s hit song, All the Small Things. As for who sings the John Lewis Christmas advert 2022 song, that’s Mike Geier.

M&S: Gifts That Give

Pop sensation Harry Styles performs the soundtrack for Marks and Spencer's clothes and home Christmas advert. In the retailer's second offering (the first being for their Food Halls), Styles' hit Treat People With Kindness from his second album plays over a sweet opening with a little boy counting down the seconds until he can give his parents the perfect Christmas gift.

Throughout the advert, various different people receive thoughtful and lovely gifts which brightens up their Christmas no end. When they get a gift, they find themselves wrapped up in the festivities featuring singers, trumpets and a big party!

The neighbourhood scene features an eclectic range of people who are supported by M&S donations every year - this time, M&S will donate £1 million to local community groups via Neighbourly.

Anna Braithwaite, M&S Clothing & Home Marketing Director, said: "Christmas is a time that brings families and communities together and we know customers are determined to protect those celebrations. Through our campaign and product ranges we want to help make that possible; providing much needed funds to the incredible groups that light up our local communities and by doubling down to deliver the exceptional trusted value our customers want – as they seek out more considered, stylish and thoughtful gifts. There’ really is no better feeling than giving – and we hope this, feel-good campaign puts a smile on our customers’ faces this festive season!"

Watch the M&S Christmas advert

JD Sports: King of the Game

JD Sports has dropped a star-studded advert for its 2022 Christmas campaign, featuring plenty of heroes from the world of sports and entertainment. The advert aims to celebrate the spirit of competition and the magic of Christmas in one go, with JD providing you all you need to perform or compete on the biggest stages.

Cole Wealleans-Watts leads the advert as he goes shopping with his family in JD when he spots Chunkz, who asks him to step inside the JD Arcade.

Once inside, he runs into KSI and Tobi Brown on the dance machine who are trying to take on Ethan Matthews and Laurie Elle. And when Cole heads to the claw machine, he bumps into Liverpool FC and England superstar Trent Alexander-Arnold and Top Boy's Jasmine Jobson.

On top of those names, Anthony Joshua, Ella Toone, Chloe Kelly, Harvey Elliot, James Maddison, Thiago Silva, Virgil van Dijk, Central Cee, Ms Banks, Kano, Snoochie Shy, Joanna Chimonides and Amelia Dimoldenberg are all guest stars in the clip.

Watch JD Sports' Christmas advert

Tesco: Stand Up For Joy

Tesco’s brand new festive advert encourages people to ‘stand up for joy’ despite the cost of living crisis and celebrate in style, no matter.

Featuring a broadcast by The Christmas Party, the ad points out many who are struggling with their finances but getting festive nevertheless.

Set to the soundtrack of Europe’s The Final Countdown, the ad also addresses some important Christmas questions, such as what are the best Christmas movies.

Speaking about the message of the ad, which includes Tesco colleagues from across the country, Alessandra Bellini, Chief Customer Officer at Tesco, said: “It’s very important that our seasonal campaigns reflect how our customers genuinely feel and what we know they are looking for."

She added: "We understand that it is a tough time at the moment with everyone’s finances under pressure, but we also know that people are looking forward to Christmas – in fact our research shows that there is even more excitement around it than usual.

“This is why we decided to officially stand up for joy this Christmas. Through our campaign, we take a look at those moments during the festive period that unite us all – including the delight of eating delicious desserts, sitting around a table together with loved ones, movie nights in our pjs and even the inevitable confusion around bin day - to put a smile on people’s faces as we prepare for a season of meaningful celebrations.

“We want to help everyone enjoy the best bits of Christmas, no matter their budget, and so we’ve also included just some of our many little helps that will make your money go further. From us all at Tesco, we wish you a very merry Christmas.”

Watch Tesco's Christmas advert

Barbour: One of a Kind-ness

Fashion brand, Barbour, has released its adorable Christmas advert, One of a Kind-ness, starring none other than Paddington Bear.

In the sweet advert, Paddington wonders what gift he should buy for his neighbour, Mr Curry, who's a bit of a Scrooge during the festive period. The bear stumbles upon a Barbour store which is selling one-of-a-kind re-loved jackets - the perfect gift for a unique neighbour.

The advert took over 3,000 hours to complete with Paddington also sharing a sweet tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Watch the Barbour Christmas advert

Boots: Joy For All

It's A Sin actress Lydia West brings the star power in this fun and festive offering from Boots. West plays Holly, who stumbles upon some very special glasses while on her way home from work.

When she puts them on, she is able to see what brings everyone joy at Christmas - whether it's her co-worker who loves a pamper in the bath, or her brother who dreams of being a glam drag queen, this insight allows Holly to purchase the most perfect gifts for her loved ones.

At the end of the clip, it's revealed the glasses have a very special owner - none other than Santa Claus himself.

Watch the Boots Christmas advert

Sainsbury's: Once Upon a Pud

Bow down as Queen Alison Hammond has arrived, starring as The Countess in Sainsbury's Christmas advert. This one's sure to be a hit on social media as the beloved This Morning presenter shows off her comedy skills in this hilarious video which also stars Stephen Fry as the narrator.

The Countess is preparing for her annual festive banquet, but there's one thing she hates: Christmas pudding. That is, until one plucky chef takes it upon himself to change her mind about the festive favourite.

He prepares a delicious offering - which will be available in Sainsbury's shops - and the new flavours win over The Countess who is delighted to have her banquet go off without a hitch.

Watch the Sainsbury's Christmas advert

Lidl: The Story of Lidl Bear

Lidl has gone for cuteness-overload for their Christmas advert this year. The supermarket's video tells the story of Lidl Bear, who gets his very own version of the infamous Lidl jumper when his owner's dad shrinks it in the wash.

And thus, a star is born, as Lidl Bear finds himself propelled into the limelight and away from his family. When fame and fortune become too much, and tabloid headlines follow him around, he chooses instead to return to his little girl owner just in time for Christmas.

Those hoping to buy their own Lidl Bear sadly won't be able to - he's one of a kind. But, they will be able to donate toys to Lidl which will go to those in need over this festive period.

Watch Lidl's Christmas 2022 advert

Asda: Have your Elf a Merry Christmas

Asda pulled out all the stops this Christmas with the arrival of Buddy the Elf, played by Will Ferrell! The fun and very festive advert features some clips from the original Elf film and newly-filmed footage.

The advert, which is sure to be very popular, is set to Santa Claus is Coming to Town, and is full of references to the original 2003 movie.

Buddy has been brought in to help Asda in the busy period up to Christmas, and while he's full of festive cheer, his enthusiasm might get him in a spot of trouble... but by the end of the advert which features lots of enticing products Asda has to offer, Buddy wins everyone round with his over-the-top and simply wonderful decorations.

Matalan: The Christmas Cupboard

Department store, Matalan has revealed its Narnia-style advert for Christmas 2022, called The Christmas Cupboard. Step inside the magical wardrobe and you'll find pretty much everything you need for yourself, your friends and your family this festive season.

The leading lady mentally checks off her to-do list while ensuring she's got everything from fancy dinnerwear to simple gift tags to make her Christmas perfect.

Matalan's omnichannel marketing director, Jeff Howarth, said: “This year as the country feels the economic strain, we know many people will be extremely price conscious and will be managing their Christmas budgets wisely. Matalan is famous for great value and choice and plays a particularly important role for UK households at Christmas and we wanted to capture the excitement of this special seasonal time - which we believe this year’s campaign does perfectly.”

Watch the Matalan Christmas advert

Morrisons: Farmer Christmas

Morrisons finds itself approved by Farmer Christmas in their pun-tastic Christmas offering, which also features many of the supermarket's own employees throughout.

Travelling across fields to his festive workshop, Morrisons' elves are hard at work preparing delicious food using quality produce.

Speaking about the advert, Morrisons' Chief Customer and Marketing Officer, Rachel Eyre, said: "We know that customers are having to manage their budgets closely at the moment but they have told us they don’t want to compromise on the Christmas meal. We’ve brought Farmer Christmas back this year to show them the food and great prices that, thanks to Morrisons foodmakers and farmers, will be available throughout the festive period, all stamped with his seal of approval.”

Watch the Morrisons Christmas advert

Sports Direct: Give Me Football

Give Me Football is well and truly a star-studded affair, especially if you love football. Throughout not one, not two, but three 20 second offerings, Sports Direct parodies different types of adverts for products such as perfume, a family dinner, and a smart home hub, but the tying theme is Eric Cantona whispering "football" in each one.

In "Eau de Footie", Mason Mount and Cantona get up close and personal with a football boot, and the very smell of it (don't worry, it's new), transports them right to the pitch.

In "Family Dinner", turkey's off the menu as Cantona heads up a star-studded table made up of Thierry Henry, Emma Hayes, Gabriel Jesus and a very special appearance from iconic commentator, Clive Tyldesley.

And finally, in "Directa", a mother ask what the weather will be like for her two boys, who just so turn out to be Jarred Bowen and Declan Rice. Cantona of course pops up to tell them it's perfect weather for football.

It's a pretty bizarre offering, to be honest, but we guarantee it will make you laugh, if not only for the Tyldesley interruption.

Watch the Sports Direct Christmas advert

Disney: The Gift

Disney has released the final instalment of its From Our Family To Yours Christmas ad trilogy in support of Make-A-Wish.

Titled The Gift, the House of Mouse's 2022 Christmas ad follows the arrival of a new baby into the family viewers were introduced to in 2020 in Disney’s first Christmas advert.

The third instalment follows the family’s youngest child Ella, who’s left disappointed in The Gift when her pregnant mother can’t go ice skating due to labour pains.

When her new sibling arrives, Ella bestows her with a glow-in-the-dark Mickey Mouse soft toy that was gifted to her by her older brother at the start of the short.

As the short unfolds, the song 'A Little More', performed by Jessica Darrow – voice of Luisa Madrigal in Disney’s Oscar-winning 2021 film Encanto – plays in the background.

Sarah Fox, VP Marketing & Comms, Disney Consumer Products, EMEA, said: “For the last three years millions have watched our characters in our ‘From Our Family To Yours’ animated series, as they spend time together building connections and making memories.

“We set out to create a family unit that would resonate with audiences world-wide. We are truly grateful for the support we have received for this festive campaign and hope that families and fans enjoy this fitting, heart-warming final instalment of the trilogy.”

Watch the Disney Christmas advert

Marks & Spencer: Fairy is back and joined by her new sidekick Duckie!

Marks & Spencer teased its new advert on Instagram on 1st November 2022, asking fans to guess who might be joining the returning Fairy Godmother played by Dawn French.

Today the answer was revealed: it’s Duckie, a much-loved dog toy, voiced by none other than Jennifer Saunders.

The advert kicks off with Fairy Godmother endeavouring to find a friend amidst the tree decorations.

When her efforts are to no avail, she brings Duckie to life.

“I had the time of my life lending my voice to the Fairy that brought Percy Pig to life last year. I was so excited that M&S wanted to bring her back for more adventures and discover more of that AMAZING food… and, this time with a trusty new sidekick! To have my right-hand-woman back as that sidekick… well, obviously it was a yes with festive bells on from me," said Dawn French about her Christmas ad return.

“When the call came in asking me to be in the M&S Christmas ad, I didn’t have to think about it. And to bring the team back together for it? It was a Christmas MUST. I mean M&S Food just IS Christmas. And, I’m so thrilled to be the voice of the tatty and downtrodden, yet very lovable, Duckie," added Jennifer Saunders.

Watch the M&S Christmas advert.

Lego ft. Katy Perry

Lego advert 2022
Lego Christmas Advert 2022 Lego/ YouTube

Lego has launched their festive campaign, and this time it features a celebrity.

The advert features a bunch of children delivering presents on a giant vehicle. During the journey, star Katy Perry, who’s riding atop the vehicle, belts out her hit Firework.

“At the Lego Group, children are our role models – they inspire us with their creativity, curiosity and imagination, so who better to turn to for our holiday campaign?” said Julia Goldin, Lego chief product and marketing officer.

“Our new campaign is a celebration of the creative power and optimism that children possess. They see endless possibilities for play and show us the difference play can make to the world as they rebuild it for the better. We want to inspire people of all ages to prioritize play over perfection and unleash a childlike joy this holiday season.”

TK Maxx: Christmas Nailed

TK Maxx has launched its Christmas campaign, titled Nail Christmas for Less. It features Sam, who has perfected her season gifting and received a flurry of high fives from everyone she has presented with gifts.

Deborah Dolce, Group Director at TK Maxx said: “With the ongoing cost-of-living crisis, we know this is a tough year and, for many people, Christmas is such an important time to come together with loved ones.

"Sharing presents is an integral part of the festivities – we all love to treat our friends and family.

“So, we just wanted to let people know you can still do a brilliant job by shopping at TK Maxx; there’s no need to compromise on brands and quality because our gifts are available for up to 60% less than the recommended retail price.

"And as our upbeat advert highlights, when you find the right gift, at the right price, the feeling is undeniably infectious.”

Watch the TK Maxx's Christmas advert 2022

Very: Gifts for all your Christmases

Online retailer Very was the first major brand to launch its Christmas advert in 2022, releasing a 40-second film soundtracked by Wizzard’s universally-loved Christmas classic 'I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day'.

The advert shows a family enjoying multiple festive occasions, celebrating how Christmas can be so much more than one day.

Each scene is full of toys, gifts and outfits all available from Very.

Watch the Very Christmas advert
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