Women on the Verge

Women on the Verge

Series 1 - Episode 5



Laura, Katie and their newspaper colleagues are taking part in an awful corporate teambuilding day involving paintballing and lessons on “giving and receiving constructive feedback in the workplace”.

It really is as gruesome as it sounds, and the febrile Laura (Kerry Condon) burns with fury when her sometime lover Kieran has a bit of a dig. Though Women on the Verge is a comedy (and often a very funny one, too) there are serious bits about women, their choices and their pressures.

So Alison (Eileen Walsh) isn’t keen on a big wedding, while Katie (Nina Sosanya) has had enough of the creepy, presumptuous bloke she dated last week, and she lets him know it.


Laura reacts badly to criticism from Kieran at a team-building event and decides to pull a sickie. Alison takes Martin for a fertility MOT, but finds out his sperm count is low.

Cast & Crew

Katie Nina Sosanya
Laura Kerry Condon
Alison Eileen Walsh
Martin Aaron McCusker
Kieran Emmett J Scanlan