The nights are drawing in, and while there are many things we love about summer — short sleeves and sandals, barbecues with friends, late balmy evenings — TV watching guilt is not one of them.


There’s something about a warm day and the sun streaming in that can take the joy out of catching up on your favourite shows or hunkering down for a movie night. "We should make the most of the summer while it lasts", you might think, ever so slightly resentfully.

Well, here’s the good news: the summer is over. And, Amazon has got just the thing to celebrate the start of autumn — their new channel, Lionsgate+.

Amazon is offering a 30-day UK free trial of the channel until 28th October. If you become a Prime member now, you'll get 30 days of Amazon Prime Video for free and 30 days free of Lionsgate+. We think that’s a pretty good way to start sofa-season in style.

Get a 30-day free trial of Lionsgate+ on Amazon Prime Video

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What is Lionsgate+ on Amazon Prime Video?

Lionsgate+ is a rebrand of STARZPLAY and sits on Amazon Prime Video. With it, subscribers can watch original series on the same day as their release in the US, like gripping political drama Gaslit, as well as the genre-bending hit series The Great and many more.

Catherine and Peter facing one another down
Catherine (Elle Fanning) and Peter (Nicholas Hoult) in The Great.

You can also watch the new show The Serpent Queen, exclusive to Lionsgate+. The historical drama stars Samantha Morton as Catherine De Medici, and follows her from relative obscurity to becoming Queen of France.

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Get a 30-day free trial of Lionsgate+ on Amazon Prime Video

How to get a Lionsgate+ free trial on Amazon Prime Video

Well, it's really quite easy. Sign up to Amazon Prime Video before 28th October and you will be able to access a 30-day free trial of Lionsgate+, as well as a free trial of Prime. At the end of the trial, Prime will cost £8.99 per month and Lionsgate+ will be £5.99 per month.

Already a Prime member? Sign up to Lionsgate+ for 30 days for free.

Draw the curtains, let the short nights begin... And pass the remote.


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