UPDATE: It has now been confirmed that the following Xbox games are indeed coming to Switch and PS5:

  • Pentiment (22nd February for Switch, PS4 and PS5)
  • Hi-Fi Rush (9th March for PS5)
  • Grounded (16th April for Switch, PS4 and PS5)
  • Sea of Thieves (30th April for PS5)

It's important to note, despite the rumour mill, that Starfield and Indiana Jones have NOT been announced for any platforms outside of Xbox and PC.

Our original article is below and remains unchanged.

For ages now, we’ve had rumours floating around that Xbox games will release on PS5 and/or Nintendo Switch, and this has had many of you wondering whether Xbox Game Pass will come to PlayStation and Nintendo.

There have been many rumours recently that are pointing towards Microsoft releasing its exclusives on rival platforms, and we’re here to cut through the clutter and let you know what’s been going on.

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Based on what we’ve learned, we could be seeing Xbox Series X/S exclusives heading to PlayStation and Switch very soon indeed.

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Keep reading to find out why people are saying that Xbox games are coming to PlayStation and Nintendo, and to see what we think about the situation and whether Game Pass will launch on rival platforms or not.

Why are people saying that Xbox games are coming to PlayStation and Nintendo?

While there have been rumours circulating for a while about Xbox games launching on PlayStation and Nintendo, they have picked up a lot of pace in early February 2024.

A couple of particularly believable reports have come from reliable sources indicating that several Xbox games will indeed be released on PS5 and Switch.

Reliable site XboxEra has released a report suggesting that Starfield is going to be released on PS5 later this year.

According to XboxEra sources, Microsoft is "planning a launch for Starfield on PlayStation 5 post the release of the already announced Shattered Space expansion for Xbox and PC".

The report also explains that XboxEra has "been informed that Microsoft has made additional investment into PlayStation 5 dev kits to support ongoing development efforts".

It’s not just Starfield that could come to the PS5, either. Rumours are suggesting that Hi-Fi Rush is "tentatively" planned to release on PS5 and Nintendo Switch "for Q1 this year".

XboxEra expects "Microsoft to make a more public announcement" on its new strategy "this month".

Corroborating XboxEra’s report, The Verge is reporting that Indiana Jones and the Great Circle could release on PS5 a few months after its initial launch on Xbox in late 2024.

As per The Verge: "A new multi-platform approach for certain Xbox games is emerging inside Microsoft, we’re told, with the company weighing up which titles will remain exclusive and others that will appear on Switch or PS5 in the future. Indiana Jones appears to be part of this new wave of multi-platform games."

There have been no recent rumours of Game Pass heading to PlayStation or Nintendo, however.

It seems Microsoft is heading down a different path, and will look to release individual games, decided on a title-by-title basis, on other platforms... as opposed to offering the whole Game Pass library elsewhere.

That is if all these rumours and leaks are to be believed.

Will it really happen?

There has been no official word from Microsoft on its plans to release its exclusive games on PlayStation and Nintendo, nor has there been official word on Game Pass launching on PS5 or Nintendo Switch.

Without official word from the company, we cannot say for certain whether Xbox games will come to PlayStation and Nintendo or not.

Based on the latest batch of rumours coming from reliable sources, however, it does look likely that Xbox-exclusive games will launch on PS5 and Nintendo Switch.

We think it's unlikely that Game Pass will launch on PlayStation and Nintendo for the moment, though.

We believe the new strategy from Microsoft will start with Hi-Fi Rush coming to Switch and PS5 soon, as per the reports. Sea of Thieves, Starfield and potentially Indiana Jones look like they will follow on PlayStation, too.

There have even been rumours that Halo Infinite will release on PlayStation. That one seems more unlikely than the Bethesda and/or Rare games, as Halo is the Xbox mascot and all that. Time will tell, though, time will tell.

In fact, it looks like we could find out more soon, with Xbox boss Phil Spencer posting the following message on X (formerly Twitter):

For now, take every rumour with a hearty pinch of salt. Stick with us on RadioTimes.com for any developments.

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