Stardew Valley is truly the epitome of cosy game-play thanks to its charming visuals, relaxing setting and huge mix of farming and life activities.


Players can enjoy trying their best to rejuvenate the local area and grow a thriving community that lives off the land in the beloved life simulator role-playing game.

Thanks to its multiplayer mode, friends can explore the blissful world of Stardew Valley together - but with the legendary game available on different platforms, does it allow for cross-platform play?

Here’s everything you need to know about cross-platform and multiplayer play in Stardew Valley.

Is Stardew Valley cross platform?

First things first - what is cross platform gaming? Put simply, cross platform gaming allows for players to join forces even if they are playing a game on different consoles. Yup, long gone are the days when it was impossible to play a game with someone else if they were on a different console to you - and now PC, Mac, Xbox, PlayStation and Xbox players can team up or be pitted against one another.

But does Stardew Valley allow for cross platform play? Well, put simply, no.

There is just one exception - Mac and PC players can play together, but that's currently the only option (and even then it's a bit of a stretch to call that cross platform).

Yup, super frustrating given that Stardew Valley allows for up to four players to all play together at once - but you'll need to make sure your pals join you on the same console for farming fun.

While we keep our fingers crossed that Stardew Valley cross platform play may come out in the future, here are twelve of the best games which support cross-platform gaming.

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