After more than a year after its open beta closed, MultiVersus returned with a full release on 28th May 2024, but did it make enough of an impression in 2022 to entice players back for another round?


MultiVersus is a wacky action brawler from Warner Bros Games featuring a raft of characters owned by the entertainment giant, including Batman, The Iron Giant and Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th films.

Players can take each other on in a multitude of game types, including one-on-one fights, 2v2 action and even PvE modes, allowing you to play solo or co-operatively.

There’s even a bunch of beautifully designed stages for each fight to take place on. The list of levels is as eclectic as the roster of characters itself. One minute you’ll be brawling in the moody Bat Cave, the next you’ll be in a lab from Cartoon Network’s classic show Dexter’s Laboratory.

But is this all enough for gamers to drop what they’re already playing and hop back into the bonkers brawler? Let’s take a look.

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MultiVersus player count: How many people are playing?

At the time of writing, 23,007 people are playing MultiVersus, according to Steam Charts.

Across the last 24 hours, 79,024 players were online in the game, which represents a huge spike in activity since it came back online.

Interest in the game had previously declined rapidly, with the number of players reducing just months after the open beta’s release in June 2022.

By the time it went offline in April 2023, there were only several hundred people in the game.

As time passes and the game grows, there is a good chance these numbers will increase.

What was the MultiVersus player count peak?

Shaggy in the arms of Batman in the trailer for MultiVersus
MultiVersus. Player First Games, Warner Bros Games

At its peak, MultiVersus had 153,044 concurrent players in the game, according to Steam Charts.

This peak of interest came back in June 2022 when the open beta first launched - before interested waned and the number of players fell rapidly to just over 22,000 in August that year.

Since coming back online on 28th May 2024, MultiVersus has failed to reach the heights of its initial early access launch, as there has been a maximum of just 114,403 players in the game since.

Will these numbers increase? We will have to wait and see. It will likely depend on the content drops and updates Warner Bros release for the game in the coming months.

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