Mario Party Superstars is launching this Friday, delivering a healthy dose of nostalgia onto the Nintendo Switch - five classic boards and 100 minigames are making a comeback in this shiny new package, and you can read our full thoughts in our Mario Party Superstars review.


Fans of this long-running Nintendo series will know that Mario Party Superstars is a party game inspired by boardgames, where you and your friends/family will work your way around a digital board as you try to collect stars and coins. It's a formula that never gets old!

But when exactly does Mario Party Superstars come out, and what else do you need to know about this revamped re-release of classic Mario Party content? Read on find out all!

Mario Party Superstars release date

The Mario Party Superstars release date is confirmed for 29th October 2021, making this a proper autumnal treat for gamers around there globe. This comes a little over three years since the last Mario Party offering, Super Mario Party, which was the Nintendo Switch's first bit of this particular cherry. We're definitely ready for another serving of party pie.

Mario Party Superstars launch time

Here in the UK, we would expect the Mario Party Superstars launch time to occur at 2pm BST on 29th October. According to the official Nintendo website, that's when new games generally go live on the Nintendo Switch eShop. If the game isn't there first thing in the morning, then, don't worry!

Which consoles and platforms can play Mario Party Superstars?

Staying true to its Nintendo flagship, Mario Party Superstars will be made available exclusively on Nintendo Switch - you'll be able to play it on the original Nintendo Switch, the Nintendo Switch Lite or the Nintendo Switch OLED. If you've paid for Nintendo Switch Online cloud saves, you'll even be able to jump between different consoles if you so wish - there is a way to do this chopping and changing without the cloud, if you have two different Switch consoles, but it does require a bit of faff in the settings.

Can I pre-order Mario Party Superstars?

Well, we’re glad you’ve asked: you can indeed pre-order Mario Party Superstars today. The game is going for £49.99 on the official Nintendo website, where you'll also get a free coaster set and keyring while stocks last. Over at Amazon, the price is the same, but you get a coffee cup instead of the keyring. Pick whichever pre-order bonus you prefer and get that order placed.

What do we know about Mario Party Superstars gameplay?

Despite Nintendo's current console having motion control capabilities thanks to the Joycon controllers, the Japanese tech giant has informed us that all of the games in Mario Party Superstars can be played with button controls.

The official sources have stated that Mario Party Superstars will comprise five classic boards from the Nintendo 64 era and 100 minigames from "across the series". There will be improved graphics across the board with all of these old faves being shined up for the modern era.

Mario Party Superstars boards

These five boards have been confirmed to appear in Mario Party Superstars, and they've all been rebuilt from classics:

  • Peach’s Birthday Cake (from the original Mario Party)
  • Yoshi’s Tropical Island (from the original Mario Party)
  • Space Land (from Mario Party 2)
  • Horror Land (from Mario Party 2)
  • Woody Woods (from Mario Party 3)

Mario Party Superstars minigames

The video above is a whistle-stop tour of the 100 Mario Party Superstars minigames. And below you'll find a handy breakdown of which minigames have been ported over from the classic titles in this franchise.

Mario Party minigames

From the original Mario Party game, these ones have been confirmed: Mushroom Mix-Up, Cast Aways, Hammer Drop, Face Lift, Piranha’s Pursuit, Bobsled Run, Tug o’ War, Handcar Havoc, Tipsy Tourney, Shy Guy Says, Crazy Cutters and Bombs Away.

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Mario Party 2 minigames

From Mario Party 2, your confirmed minigames are Look Away, Quicksand Cache, Sneak ‘n’ Snore, Roll Call, Bowser’s Big Blast, Cake Factory, Speed Hockey, Slot-Car Derby, Mecha Marathon,,,, Balloon Burst, Shell Shocked, Hot Rope Jump, Bumper Balls, Honeycomb Havoc, Bumper Balloon Cars, Sky Pilots, Dizzy Dancing, Archer-ival and Dungeon Dash

Mario Party 3 minigames

The minigames included from Mario Party 3 are Rockin’ Raceway, River Raiders, Storm Chasers, Puddle Paddle, Tidal Toss, Parasol Plummet, Etch ‘n’ Catch, Messy Memory, Ticktock Hop, Boulder Ball, Picking Panic, Vine with Me, Spotlight Swim, Ice Rink Risk, Hide and Sneak, Mario’s Puzzle Party, Chip Shot Challenge, Cheep Cheep Chase, Coconut Conk, Bounce ‘n’ Trounce, Motor Rooter, Mush Pit, Eatsa Pizza and Snowball Summit

Mario Party 4 minigames

A handful of minigames from Mario Party 4 have been confirmed for Mario Party Superstars. They are Money Belts, Paths of Peril, GOOOOOOOAL!!, Trace Race, Beach Volley Folly, Booksquirm, Dungeon Duos and Revers-a-Bomb.

Mario Party 5 minigames

Here are all the games confirmed for Mario Party 5! Coney Island, Night Light Fright, Bill Blasters, Ice Hockey, Squared Away, Later Skater, Dinger Derby, Pushy Penguins, Leaf Leap and Tube It or Lose It.

Mario Party 6 minigames

As for Mario Party 6, the confirmed games are Burnstile, Rocky Road, Mass Meteor, Dark ‘n Crispy, Trap Ease Artist, Cashapult, Money Belt, Block Star, Pit Boss, What Goes Up…, Catch You Letter and Snow Whirled.

Mario Party 7 minigames

Some of the minigames from Mario Party 7 have been revealed and so far they include The Final Countdown, Stick and Spin, Spin Doctor, Pogo-a-Go-Go, Monty’s Revenge and Pokey Pummel

Mario Party 8 minigames

Only two games have been revealed so far for Mario Party 8 - Winner or Dinner and Paint Misbehavin.

Mario Party 9 minigames

Goomba Spotting, Tackle Takedown, Manor of Escape and Shell Soccer are confirmed but beyond those two, nothing else from Mario Party 9 has been confirmed yet. That could change later, of course.

Mario Party 10 minigames

As for Mario Party 10, a couple of minigames from that tenth instalment have been confirmed for inclusion in Mario Party Superstars already. Skewer Scurry, Flash Forward and Rapid River Race are the ones you'll definitely be revisiting here.

Will there be post-launch DLC support for Mario Party Superstars?

Will Mario Party Superstars get post-launch updates and fresh DLC content? That's a very good question, but we don't yet know the answer - Nintendo has not yet confirmed if it will develop any post-launch DLC for Mario Party Superstars. Fans would surely love to see more classic boards and minigames added later, so we'll keep our fingers crossed and let you know if we hear anything.

Mario Party Superstars trailer

If you haven’t already seen, Nintendo’s official YouTube account uploaded a trailer of Mario Party Superstars on 15th June 2021. You check out the display below, and get yourself mentally prepared for another round of board game battles with your pals. That 29th October release date can't come soon enough.

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