While not quite at the heights of popularity that it once boasted, Among Us is still played by thousands every day - and for the sneaky veterans among us, here's how to get a blank, invisible or no name at all in Among Us.


Previously, it used to be that on multiplayer you could have no name at all, but an update brought an end to the practice, with the error message "server refused username" being thrown up when trying to enter it.

If you're experiencing this in Among Us, and already feel 2D just simply doesn't cut the mustard for you, you'll be glad to know you can fix the latter - by playing Among Us VR on the Meta Quest 2.

There's also the new Among Us map to try, so be sure to check that out, too!

But back to regular ol' Among Us. You still can be almost invisible by using a very small dot or blank space that will make you very hard to spot. Doing so is actually very easy too, and we'll tell all. Read on!

How to get a dot name in Among Us

The polus map in among us
Polus in Among Us.

So an invisible name is now better called a dot name and that will make sense in just a moment. It is worth noting that there is not a huge benefit to doing this now as while you will be less identifiable, you can still be spotted and this will be more used for players that want to make videos and take screenshots.

You also at the time of writing are not able to do this on PC and many have been expecting a patch for this for a while - a patch that is yet to come and may never appear.

But for those on mobile, we are looking into whether this works on the recently added console versions, you can have a dot name when you play online and here is how to do it. We'll come to local play next.

  • Copy the dot in between these quotation marks? “ㆍ”
  • In Local or Online, select the name field
  • Tap the field and you will be able to paste the dot in.
  • Now post the dot (or Unicode character as it otherwise known) and make sure you don't accidentally leave either quotation mark in.

And that's it! The dot is the workaround after that pesky update and while it is not quite as effective, at least you can still, sort of, remove some visibility in the game.

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How to get a blank name in Among Us for local play

If you are not playing online and instead you are playing a local game, you can still have a blank name and these are the steps to follow to do just that!

  • No dot this time so copy the blank space between the quotation marks: “ㅤ”
  • Head to the name field and select Local or Online
  • Paste the blank space in there by tapping the field and choosing paste
  • Now paste the Unicode character and once again, make sure you do not paste the quotation marks

Once you do this, you will notice that the cursor will move slightly along and if that happens, you have successfully done it and you can press done and then enter a game - nameless!

If it does not work then you have most likely left a quotation mark in so just delete and start over to sort it out. Now just get playing and see if your new nameless self makes a difference.

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