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Neymar challenges: How to unlock Neymar in Fortnite for free

If you want to unlock the Neymar Jr skin in Fortnite, these are the steps you need to follow!

Neymar Jr arrives in Fortnite!
Epic Games
Published: Tuesday, 27th April 2021 at 5:16 pm

Footballing star Neymar has now arrived in Fortnite, becoming the first sportsperson to be represented in Epic Games' iconic battle-royale game.


Gamers around the world can pick up a collection of special Neymar skins by completing a series of challenges themed around the player — if you want to dress up as Neymar in Fortnite, you'll need to jump through a few hoops!

Read on for some crucial details on the Neymar challenges in Fortnite, particularly the ones you need if you want to nab the Neymar skin yourself.

How to unlock the Neymar skin in Fortnite

The Neymar skins in Fortnite are only available through the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 Battle Pass, which players can buy in the game for 950 V-bucks.

If you're already a Battle Pass customer, this new Neymar content is basically free to you! But if you haven't yet invested in a Battle Pass, perhaps now is the time.

Once you've got the Battle Pass, you'll want to complete the Neymar-specific challenges that it sets for you.

The key task is this one: "Complete five quests from island soccer players: Become a true ace. Unlocks the Neymar Jr Outfit."

Once you've completed five quests from footie-loving NPCs in the game, you should be rewarded with the Neymar Jr Outfit — the skin you've been looking for!

Full list of Neymar quests in Fortnite

It's not just Neymar skins that you could stand to gain here. As you can see in the official breakdown below, courtesy of Epic Games, there are emotes, banners and many other Neymar-themed goodies to earn:

  • Talk to an island soccer player: Soccer-loving Characters on the Island. Strike a conversation! Unlocks the Soccer Ball Emote Toy and a Neymar Jr Banner.
  • Complete 3 quests from island soccer players: A good player always helps their teammates. Unlocks the Neymar Jr-themed Matador Loading Screen.
  • Complete 5 quests from island soccer players: Become a true ace. Unlocks the Neymar Jr Outfit.
  • Drop-kick the soccer ball toy 500 meters as Neymar Jr: Fortnite meters, that is. Unlocks the Joia Trophy Back Bling.
  • Score a goal with the soccer ball toy as Neymar Jr: You can do this one in your sleep. Unlocks the Jaguar Strike Pickaxe.
  • Eliminate 3 opponents as Neymar Jr: “Complete this objective to free the primal self within.” This Quest unlocks the Shhh. Emote, a built-in Emote for Neymar Jr that awakens one of his primal forms.

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Don't forget the Neymar Jr LTM Soccer Ball

Neymar Jr. LTM: Soccer Ball
Head into Neymar's football-shaped LTM.

While you're enjoying all the Neymar-related fun in Fortnite, don't forget to check out the Go Crazy Arena, a Limited Time Mode that is football-shaped (or soccer-ball-shaped, if you're reading this across the pond).

Available in Fortnite Creative, this footy-inspired LTM is described by Epic Games like so: "The Go Crazy Arena showcases 8v8 combat with power-ups and infinite respawns enabled. Earn gold by eliminating players, then use this gold to unlock upgrades and special bonuses for you and your team. The first team to reach 200 eliminations wins!"

There are, essentially, many ways to show your love for Neymar - and the beautiful game itself - in Fortnite right now. Have fun!

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