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Fortnite: How to shockwave wildlife and make a Shockwave Bow

It's shock time in Fortnite!

How to shockwave wildlife in Fortnite.
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Published: Thursday, 8th April 2021 at 2:07 pm

If you have booted up Fortnite in recent weeks you will have noticed that things have changed, quite dramatically, in the game as the events of the Zero Crisis finale proved to be the game-changer that we were told it would be.


So aside from the prehistoric Fortnite map and the new skins that the game has added, we also have animals and they can be tamed, killed, or shocked.

Currently, we have Raptors, boars, wolves, chickens and frogs in the game with many more due to follow and as part of the week four weekly challenges, you will need to shockwave them - well, all except chickens and frogs, as shocking them will kill them.

So read on for all you need to know about how to shockwave animals in Fortnite.

How and where to shockwave wildlife in Fortnite

To shockwave an animal is actually quite simple - and you don't even have to have the best aim in the world to do it.

The first thing you need to do is head over to the wild regions of The Island, where you should see plenty of animals running around.

Find a Raptor, wolf or a boar that you want to shockwave. And then, aim your weapon - either a shockwave grenade or a shockwave bow - and fire at the animal.

If you hit it directly it will work, but it will also do the job if you shoot just next to it. Simple. But for the weapon you need to pull this off, and how to get it, read on below.

How to make a shockwave bow in Fortnite

Time to get to crafting! To get yourself a super sweet shockwave bow, you will need to combine a blue rarity Mechanical Bow with two shockwaves grenades.

You can throw shock grenades too and they will get the job done, but this way you will have 30 Shockwaves.

But that's it - using a shockwave on an animal really is that simple. And now you know how to do it, you'll be able to tick one of the week four challenges off your list in no time at all.

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