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Fortnite Zero Crisis Finale: How and when to play the epic conclusion to Zero Point

The end is near for Fortnite's Zero Point story!

fortnite zero point
Published: Wednesday, 10th March 2021 at 2:24 pm

It is always an exciting time to be a player of Fortnite, with new content consistently being delivered, and there is much more on the way as the Zero Crisis Finale event looms on the horizon.


Fortnite's Zero Crisis Finale event marks the end of the Zero Point story. And it also coincides with the start of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6, which is coming sooner than you may think, and will no doubt have many surprises lined up for us all to discover. Hopefully, we will get something as good as the recent Alien Skins pack.

If you are looking for all the latest release information and details of when you will be able to start playing the Zero Crisis Finale, read on for all the news that we have learned about it so far!

What is the Fortnite Zero Crisis Finale?

The upcoming Zero Crisis Finale event seems to be the conclusion of the Zero Point story, which has been dominating the Fortnite landscape for a while now. If you haven't been keeping up with it, allow us to fill you in with a little explainer.

Zero Point is the centre of reality in the Fortnite universe, and it has the power to cause some pretty major disruptions and changes to the landscape - including changing reality itself. As the story has gone on, Zero Point has been getting more and more unstable and the consequences of that have been getting greater. The finale will see the conclusion of Agent Jones’ mission and we have no doubt that even with Jones's best efforts, the Fortnite reality will look different once all is said and done.

When does the Fortnite Zero Crisis Finale start?

fortnite zero point finale

We have known for some time that season 5 would draw to a close on March 15th and now we know that season 6, and the Zero Point Crisis Finale will begin on 16th March 2021 - so the very next day! We do not have an exact time yet but at least we know that we will not have to wait long at all to see what the thrilling finale brings to the table, and what else it can set up for the future of Fortnite.

How do you play the Fortnite Zero Crisis Finale?

Playing Fortnite's Zero Crisis Finale content should be pretty easy. On 16th March, when the update drops, just boot up the game and be ready to play the epic conclusion. The story is a solo experience, so you won't be playing with friends for this one. We suspect many gamers will be playing this instantly, as soon as it goes live, so they can be among the first to know how Zero Point ends and how it sets up what is sure to be an exciting future.

Is the Fortnite Zero Crisis Finale free?

Yep! Just like all the other story updates to Fortnite, you will not need to spend a penny to play the Zero Crisis Finale event. As is usually the case with Fortnite, any costs will come from extras that you can choose to buy in the form of optional microtransactions.

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