It’s the spooky season and Fortnitemares is back for another year, this time with the free Fortnite Chrome Punk skin. If you’re on a quest to look the best and collect as many outfits in the battle royale as you can, you’ll want to get your hands on this one.


The Chrome Punk skin in Fortnite is a shiny thing, with a literal chrome dome Jack-o'-lantern head atop a body clothed in a chrome-garnished outfit. It fits the whole chrome theme that’s been going on in the game for a while now.

If you want to look the part in this year’s Fortnitemares event, or you have a need to collect everything, here’s how to get the Fortnite Chrome Punk skin for free.

How to get Fortnite Chrome Punk skin for free

To unlock the Chrome Punk skin in Fortnite for free, all you need to do is earn 50 Account Levels. That’s all there is to it. Presumably, you’ll need to earn these Account Levels by the end of Fortnitemares, although Epic Games is yet to officially confirm the exact timings.

Your Account Level can be located by heading to the Career tab in the game’s main menu. Simply check your Account Level from time to time to keep track of how many Levels you have earned toward your goal.

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You can raise your Account Level by completing quests that you’ll find in the Quest tab, winning matches, and earning XP in any way. An Account Level is your total Level that has accumulated over every season of Fortnite since you started playing the game.

It’s not just the Chrome Punk skin you can unlock for free, either. In total, there are three Fortnite Chrome Punk quests to complete, each loaded with its own reward. These are as follows:

  • Earn 10 Account Levels: Chromeseed Backbling
  • Earn 25 Account Levels: Graveyard Rave Loading Screen
  • Earn 50 Account Levels: Chrome Punk skin

Just keep playing Fortnite throughout its Fortnitemares event and you should earn those Account Levels. Our advice is to focus on completing any and all quests, as doing so will add tonnes of XP to your Account Level and is the fastest way to earning all 50 and unlocking the Chrome Punk skin for free.

The quests should go live any time between now and Tuesday 1st November (which is the scheduled end of the Fortnitemares event). This is according to RutgerK on Twitter, at least, a reliable Fortnite leaker.

As soon as the Chrome Punk quests are live, jump into Fortnite and start earning some Account Levels to get the shiny new skin entirely for free. We’ll see you out there in the now spooky chrome-filled map.

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