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FM 22 beta: How to download early access demo for the new Football Manager

You can jump into the FM 22 beta today! Here's how.

FM 22 beta is here.

We’ve reached that point in the football season when all the major football games are out in some way or another, with the FM 22 beta going live today and giving Football Manager fans some new early access content to enjoy.


But how do you access the FM 22 beta, and which PC platforms and consoles is it actually available on? If questions like that have been burning through your brain, luckily we’ve got the answers that you seek.

Keep on reading for all the essential details on the FM 22 beta and how you can get involved with it. Don’t forget to suit up, or at least don a club tracksuit, before you start playing.

FM 22 beta release date

The FM 22 beta release date took place on Friday 22nd October 2021, meaning that this early access version of the game is now readily available for players to enjoy. The game’s full release is slated for 9th November 2021, but you can access the beta as soon as you like. And yes, you’ll be able to port over any progress that you make into the full game when the time comes.

Which PC platforms and consoles can play the FM 22 beta?

The FM 22 beta is available for PC and Mac players only, so bad luck if you were hoping to start your new managerial career on a console or mobile device today. Players of the Xbox, Nintendo Switch, iOS or Android versions will have to wait for the full game to release, which luckily isn’t far off.

How to download the FM 22 beta

To gain access to the FM 22 beta, the first thing you need to do is pre-purchase the full game. This early access version of the game is only available as a perk to people who have pre-ordered the new Football Manager. You’ll need to buy the game before you can download the beta, basically.

If you pre-purchase through Steam or Epic Game Store, you simply need to close the launcher and reopen it again – you should see that FM 22 is ready to download in its beta form.

If you’ve bought FM 22 on PC or Mac from another source (e.g. a third-party retailer like CD Keys), the retailer should have sent you a code that you can redeem on Steam to download the beta.

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What’s included in the FM 22 beta?

As the developers have stressed in an official blog post, “this is a Beta and not the full game. As such you may encounter some bugs and glitches that our developers will be working tirelessly to fix before full release.”

However, there is plenty you can do in the FM 22 beta – you can start a managerial career in Career Mode, or you can play online in Online Career and Fantasy Draft. In those online modes, crossplay will be possible between Steam and Epic Game Store.

And it’s worth stressing again that any progress made in Career Mode during the FM 22 beta will be carried into the full game when it launches next month. So you shouldn’t lose any of your saves!

Is the FM 22 beta free?

No, the FM 22 beta is not free… technically. As we mentioned earlier, you will only be able to access the FM 22 beta once you have ordered a full copy of the main game. Basically, this is a way for fans to play early – specifically, fans who are already committed to playing the full game when it comes out in November.

Where to pre-order FM 22

If you want to get involved with the FM 22 beta, then, you’ll need to pre-order a copy of the full Football Manager 22 game on PC or Mac. Here are a few places where you can do just that, and secure your place in the beta while you’re at it:

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