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Football Manager 2022 release date prediction, consoles and new features

Get ready to lose more hours to Football Manager in 2022.

Football Manager 2022 release date

As teams around the globe gear up for the new football season, it’s only natural to start wondering about Football Manager 2022 – when will we be able to take control of our favourite teams again and kick off the 2021/2022 season in our own unique style?


Of course, the genius developers at Sports Interactive serve up a new Football Manager game each year like clockwork, and 2022 is not expected to be any different. And with that in mind, fans are starting to stare longingly at their calendars and wonder when exactly Football Manager 2022 – or FM 22 as we’ll all end up calling it – will become available to play.

Football Manager 2022 will be published once again by Sega, but what else do we actually know about it, besides the obvious stuff? Keep on reading and we’ll break down all the essential information on FM 22.

When is the Football Manager 2022 release date?

Sports Interactive has not yet confirmed the Football Manager 2022 release date, but we can make a decent guess – based on the previous form – as to when players will be able to jump in and get started with FM 22.

Last year’s FM 21 game launched its Windows PC, Mac, iOS and Android versions on 24th November 2020, before dropping the stripped-back Xbox Edition and Touch Edition on 1st December 2020. And then, the last piece of the puzzle was the Nintendo Switch version, which arrived on 15th December 2020.

We’d expect to see the FM 22 release date(s) following a similar cadence, with the main version of Football Manager 2022 launching in November 2021, before the other iterations are drip-fed to the masses in the following weeks.

Which consoles and platforms can play Football Manager 22?

football manager 22

Again, we’d expect Football Manager 2022 to follow the same methodology as Football Manager 2021 with regards to which platforms will be able to play the new footy management sim.

Last year there was multiple versions of Football Manager, spreading the franchise across PC (Steam and Epic Games Store), Mac, mobiles, tablets, Xbox consoles and Nintendo Switch.

This means you can expect the main version of FM 22 to offer the highest level of detail to players that have a powerful PC or a Mac, while FM 22 Touch will offer a slightly simplified experience to players with tablets, high-end phones, laptops, Nintendo Switch or less powerful computers.

There will probably also be an FM 22 Xbox Edition, just like last year, which will likely be modelled on FM 22 Touch but streamlined slightly for an optimum experience on Microsoft’s consoles – the Xbox One, the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S.

And then there will be FM 22 Mobile, the most basic version of Football Manager 2022, which will be capable of running on most phones. As you may have found last year, the mobile version is the most stripped-back edition, but it’s very handy for players who just want a palatable experience to take on the go with their phones.

Can I pre-order Football Manager 22?

At the time of writing it would appear not. But that is not too surprising as we have not yet been given the release date and we expect to hear more on both fronts in the coming weeks. We’ll pop any pre-order links right here when they go live.

What’s new in Football Manager 22 gameplay?

Information appears to be thin on the ground for any changes that will be coming to the game but expect lots of information to drop soon.

One thing that we know will not be in Football Manager 22 is Women’s football but bringing it to the series is still part of the plan – just don’t expect it to be included until Football Manager 24 if the rumour mill is to be believed.

Is there a trailer for Football Manager 22?

Again, we’re a little early. A trailer is expected soon and we’ll add it in when we get news that it has dropped.

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