Fallout 4’s post-apocalyptic world is a nightmare, but it is also stuffed with plenty of entertaining things for players to do outside of its main story missions.


One such task is a side quest called Best of Three, which we will be diving into below.

The mission is actually a Community Club Creation quest, and was only added to the game during the next-generation update which took place back in April this year.

It is fairly straightforward to complete, and is entirely worthwhile as it will reward successful players with the powerful Tesla Cannon, a weapon that will certainly aid you in the game’s gory combat.

For a full walkthrough on how to complete Fallout 4’s Best of Three quest, read on.

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How to start Fallout 4 Best of Three quest

To begin the Best of Three quest in Fallout 4, you will need to open up your Pip-Boy and navigate to the Radio tab at the top of the screen.

From there, you must scroll down and click on 'Vault Tec Distress Signal'. This will automatically become available on the device after you leave Vault 111 for the first time.

Listen to the recording and you will hear a male voice call for help before saying: "They’re going to kill me." Switch your radio off to avoid hearing the eerie message repeatedly and then load your map screen.

Move to the bottom of the map and you will see an icon that represents the location of the distress signal. Time to hit the road.

How to complete Fallout 4 Best of Three quest

Best of Three is quite a straightforward quest, but we have listed out the steps you must follow to complete it.

After arriving at the marked location on your map, you will discover the body of a Vault 95 Gunner slumped against a tree stump. Search his belongings and take the Holotape he has on him.

Next, you must listen to it by going to your Inventory screen. It can be found under your miscellaneous items.

A text document will appear on-screen once the recording has finished that contains "instructions for Crane". Return to the body and download the data from his own Pip-Boy - this can be done by simply looking at him and an option will pop up in front of you.

Once you have done this, you will be presented with a number of corrupted files. Ignore those and scroll to the bottom of the list, where a file that has the date of 21/10/87 is located.

Select it and you will see another ream of text, along with a new set of coordinates to follow via your map.

The next location is a derelict church. Climb onto the roof and look down into the building where you will notice a number of ghouls. Take them out from your vantage point before progressing, otherwise you may become overrun.

When it is safe to do so, lower yourself down and you will find another dead Gunner lying across a concrete slab. Perform the same actions as above to generate another new location. Before you leave this area, it is worth exploring, as there are a number of useful items such as ammunition scattered around.

Shortly after beginning your next journey, you will arrive at a relay tower. There will be yet another body here where you must follow the same pattern as above and download its Pip-Boy data.

Be careful here, as once you close the Pip-Boy screen, a number of Bloatflies will descend on you - so be prepared for a scrap.

With the creatures defeated, you must open up the radio on your Pip-Boy again and play the file 'Gunner Signal Remnant'.

Access the Relay Tower’s terminal and select the option to 'Extend Satellites'. You will hear the tracker device you have activated begin to buzz, and your proximity to the new location will be displayed in percentages at the top left of the screen.

Travel until you reach 100 per cent. Now, you will be in an airplane graveyard, surrounded by wreckages. The tracker will guide you into the midst of one where, on the right side of the plane, you will discover another body under some seats.

Again, download his Pip-Boy data following the steps above and a new objective will pop up that instructs you to defeat someone called Caroni.

Instantly, the fight will begin, so it is advisable to have your weapon of choice selected before closing your Pip-Boy screen.

Caroni uses the Tesla Cannon that you are after and it shoots beams of lightning, so it is best practice to create some distance between you and your opponent, using a long-ranged weapon such as a Sniper Rifle to take him down.

Once Caroni has been defeated, take the Tesla Cannon from him and then pat yourself on the back as the quest will now be over.

That is a lot to take in, and so if you find learning visually easier, we have included a superbly simple video from Major on YouTube that fully explains the steps below.


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