In Dead Island 2, one of the first side missions you're likely to undertake is called The Death of the Party. And while you're playing through it, you're likely to wonder where the key for Curtis's safe is located.

Curtis Sinclair is a washed-up actor whose house party turned into a zombie nightmare. After you save him (playing through a memorable section involving a stair lift), Curtis will tell you to take anything you like from his house as a reward.

The safe is clearly where his valuables will be kept, but the key is nowhere in sight! Keep on reading and we'll tell you how to find the Curtis safe key in Dead Island 2.

Where is the Curtis safe key location in Dead Island 2?

The quickest way to learn how to get the Curtis safe key in Dead Island is probably to watch the video below, produced by WoW Quests on YouTube. Or if you're more of a written person, you'll find the answer you seek after the video.

To get the Curtis safe key in Dead Island 2, you actually need to progress the main story quite a bit. You won't be able to get the key until you encounter a Screamer-type zombie in a main mission.

For us, this occurred in level 10 of the Dead Island 2 chapters list, during the mission titled Justifiable Zombicide, where you work with Sam B to fight your way to some guns. You'll know you've fought a Screamer because they'll be very obviously screaming at you mid-battle.

Once you've been introduced to Screamers and finished that level, it's time to get that key! The Curtis safe key location is in the garden of his mansion, near the Guest Restrooms sign. But you'll have to fight for it first.

Fast travel back to Bel-Air, head to Curtis's mansion and find the annex in the garden. You should now be able to see Crystal the Lawyer, a Screamer-type zombie in a red dress that will put up a significant fight.

Once you've defeated Crystal, there is a chance that she will drop the key to Curtis's safe. Note that you might need to come back later, allowing Crystal to respawn, if she doesn't drop the key on your first attempt.

With the key in your hand, head into the mansion and help yourself to the contents of Curtis's safe (including a Tactical Revolver). Job done. For more tips, see our video below!

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