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Call of Duty Season 5 release date: Patch notes, map, trailer and latest news

Season 5 is coming to Call of Duty: Black Ops - Cold War and Warzone.

Call of Duty Season 5 will revolutionise Warzone and Black Ops - Cold War.

Call of Duty Season 5 is nearly here, with this free content update expected to freshen up the experience for fans in both of the current CoD games, namely Warzone and Black Ops – Cold War.


This, naturally, is the follow-up to Call of Duty Season 4, which has kept us entertained over the last couple of months, helped along by those weekly CoD updates that keep the store and the playlist fresh.

A new season in CoD generally brings a hefty pile of patch notes with it, as Activision and its partners roll out major map changes, new ways to play, new skins, new weapons and normally a whole new theme for the overarching story to revolve around.

But what exactly do we know about Call of Duty Season 5? When will it start, and what will it entail? Keep on reading for all the essential details as we try to our answer all your key questions about CoD Season 5 in Warzone and Black Ops – Cold War.

Call of Duty Season 5 release date

Activision has confirmed that the Call of Duty Season 5 release date is going to be Friday 13th August 2021, at least for players in America.

This is one day later than we previously thought – CoD updates often happen on Thursdays, but it’s definitely a Friday update this time around. Activision confirmed the one-day delay with the Tweet below.

Call of Duty Season 5 launch time

The Tweet above confirmed that Call of Duty Season 5 will launch at 9pm PT on 13th August, so fans in that particular region of the United States will be able to jump into the new content at that time.

Here in the UK, the time difference means that Call of Duty Season 5 will actually start at 5am BST on Saturday 16th August. You’ll have to get up early (or stay up late) if you want to play the new Warzone and Black Ops – Cold War content as soon as humanly possible.

What’s new with the Call of Duty Season 5 map?

Fans are predicting that Call of Duty Season 5 will bring major changes to Warzone’s Verdansk map, although Activision itself has not confirmed any details yet. The next mainline CoD game is believed to be a World War 2 era game called Call of Duty: Vanguard, which has led many to believe that Verdansk could be reimagined as a WW2 battleground at some point soon.

Season 5 is believed to be the final season that will take place before the C0D franchise travels back in time, with Black Ops – Cold War due to step out of the limelight and make way for Vanguard, so this could be the perfect time for Activision to plant seeds that can feed into that transition. With Warzone being the free-to-play little brother of paid games like Black Ops – Cold War and Vanguard, the battle-royale game’s Verdansk map is the ideal place for Activision to start setting things up.

Call of Duty Season 5 trailer

There is indeed a trailer for Call of Duty Season 5, and its cinematic thrills have provided some big clues about what this season will entail. Take a look below to see what Activision’s latest video teaser has shown us. It was first shared online on 3rd August, and fans have been picking it apart ever since. See what you think!

What’s in the Call of Duty Season 5 patch notes?

We don’t have full patch notes for Call of Duty Season 5 just yet, but it’s only a matter of time before they appear. Until then, the biggest clues we’ve had came from that trailer, which gave us some interesting possibilities to ponder!

The trailer shows a female hacker character using some sort of radio equipment to send a broadcast into the world. This broadcast, once activated, appears to give her the power to control her enemies and make them turn against each other.

Similar to how The Winter Soldier is mind-controlled in the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, this broadcast seems to play a sequence on numbers that only need to be heard by a person in order to make them compliant to commands. If this is an actual gameplay mechanic, it’s sure to cause utter chaos once players can use it!

As the Call of Duty Season 5 release date nears, we’ll be sure to update this page with new details as and when we see them. Watch this space, folks.

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