PlayStation’s State of Play on Thursday 30th May 2024 hit us with plenty of exciting news, but one of the main highlights was the announcement of a new platformer, Astro Bot, featuring every PS5 owner’s favourite little robot.


There were also announcements regarding the Silent Hill 2 remake, God of War Ragnarok’s PC release and a bunch of updates on some PS VR2 titles, including Alien: Rogue Incursion - which looks deliciously eerie.

But the loveable Astro’s appearance will have stolen the show for many. He last appeared in a game in 2020 with Astro’s Playroom, which was released to coincide with the PS5’s launch. It was a goofy platformer that was used to mainly showcase the console and DualSense controller’s power.

However, it ended up becoming a beloved title for tons of gamers, which has influenced Sony’s decision to build a new and deeper game.

If you’re as excited as we are about Astro Bot, read on for all the latest information on a release date, pre-orders and gameplay details.

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‌When is the Astro Bot release date?

Astro Bot is set to release on 6th September 2024, so there isn’t long to wait at all.

It does give anyone who hasn’t yet played Astro’s Playroom a chance to familiarise themselves with the character and the wacky PlayStation-themed world he lives in before the release of this new game, though.

‌Can I pre-order Astro Bot?

At the moment, Astro Bot cannot be pre-ordered. However, pre-orders will be open from 7th June 2024, according to a blog post from Sony.

An image of the box art for the game is also included in the post, so we understand a physical edition of the game will be released - which means all of the usual suspects, such as GAME and Amazon, will eventually have pages online where you can pre-order the game.

If digital purchases are more your thing, then we also believe that the game will be able to order on the PS5’s digital storefront too.

We will update this page with the relevant links once pre-orders go live.

Which consoles and platforms can play Astro Bot?

Astro Bot will be launched on the PlayStation 5 on 6th September 2024. Much like Astro’s previous appearances, the game will be exclusive to PlayStation consoles, as confirmed by Sony in a recent announcement post.

It is being developed by Team Asobi, the Japanese studio behind Astro’s previous games, Playroom and Rescue Mission, and as expected, published by Sony.

There was no mention of a PlayStation 4 or a PS VR2 version of the game either, so we are assuming those platforms will not be included.

Astro Bot gameplay and story details

Astro in a field in front of a big tree with glowing blue eyes.
Astro Bot looks set to be just as bright as Astro’s Playroom. Sony

Astro Bot previously made appearances in Astro Bot Rescue Mission in 2018 to show off the capabilities of the original PS VR headset, before turning up in Astro’s Playroom in 2020.

The latter demoed the unique abilities of the PS5’s DualSense controller, as well as toured players through a 25-year history of PlayStation.

But now the little mech is set to receive a more fleshed-out, standalone adventure. According to Sony, Astro Bot will explore six galaxies with 80 different levels, where Astro searches for his lost crew mates.

There are 15 new abilities for Astro to use, including a bulldog that lets him smash through enemies and Twin-Frog Gloves that offer the player long range punching and the ability to swing through levels.

Reportedly, these different skills take advantage of the DualSense controller, so expect tons of haptic feedback and trigger tension.

Sony have also added 70 new enemy types and major boss levels at the end of each galaxy to overcome.

Based on the trailer, which we’ve included below, the game looks set to follow the glossy art style from Astro’s Playroom, which means every level will be bright and colourful.

There are underwater areas, what looks to be a casino-themed level and a flying DualSense controller - if only they could do that in the real world.

Is there an Astro Bot trailer?

Yes, there is an Astro Bot trailer - and we’ve included it below.

Aside from showing off some of the stunning levels within the game, it also gives us a glimpse at some of Astro’s new abilities (as mentioned above), a range of bonkers boss fights and, most interestingly, the little mech wielding Kratos's Leviathan Axe from God of War.

Astro Bot is shaping up to be a charming romp in the world of PlayStation!


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