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All the April Fool's Day Gaming jokes for 2021 that we've seen so far (and counting)

Fall Guys, Pokemon and more franchises join in the April Fool's Day fun.

Fall Guys April Fool's Day.
Published: Thursday, 1st April 2021 at 2:18 pm

April Fool's Day can sometimes be annoying, but who doesn't need a laugh when you're stuck at home in lockdown for the second April in a row? It's in that spirit of embracing the fun that we're happy to report on the gaming world's attempts to embrace April Fool's Day this year.


As we look forward to the April game releases on Nintendo Switch, PS Plus and Xbox Game Pass, these April Fool's Day joke from various gaming companies are certainly helping us to raise a smile through the (hopefully) final days of lockdown.

Keep on reading, then, and we'll provide you with a hearty list of chuckle-inducing April Fool's Day jokes from the gaming community.

Overwatch puts googly eyes everywhere

This isn't the first time that Overwatch has served up googly-eyed guffaws on April Fool's Day, but it never gets old.

Fortnite's Diamond Hanz skin

Sorry, this one is a fake too. There won't be a Diamond Hanz Fortnite skin - it's a prank.

Fall Guys shares a 'broken show'

Never a game to miss out on a chance for some social media laughs, Fall Guys is getting in on the action with a barmy spin on a classic round.

Mario Kart goes electric?

We have the website to thank for this little prank, which jokingly suggests that Nintendo's beloved Mario Kart franchise could be dumping fossil fuels.

Halo Infinite is (not) delayed

A fan's joke on Twitter suggested that Halo Infinite had been delayed again, and even big publications like Kotaku fell for it, prompting the official Halo account to clarify its position.

We actually want these Godzilla headphones

Audio-Technica shared the following image of some Godzilla headphones as a joke, but is it bad that we actually want them?

Platinum Games gets us again

For the second year in a row, Platinum Games marked April Fool's Day with a trailer for Sol Cresta. It's a game that doesn't exist but does actually look quite cool.

Rainbow Six Siege brings the magic

Another company that treated us to an off-the-wall trailer is Ubisoft. Who wouldn't want the world of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege to get a kid-friendly makeover?

Nier as a sim game

Square Enix is in the business of silly trailers today, too. And again, this April Fool's Day concoction looks like a thing that people would actually play.

Razer reveals RGB hair dye

The gaming peripheral company Razer has always had great ideas for fake products, and this year's April Fool's Day effort is another doozy from the brand.

Pokemon's massive on Magikarp

In Pokemon Sword and Shield, Nintendo has added ginormous Magikarp to the Max Raid Battles. Sadly, you can't actually catch one.

Bethesda knows what you want

Trying to troll Elder Scrolls Online fans, Bethesda today posted these snuggly pictures of a fake new product.

And one that's actually real...

EB Games in Australia has shared the ingenious idea below... who wouldn't want to dress up like a mannequin from a shop's sale display? It may look like a joke, but orders were actually taken for these, and the proceeds are going to charity.

These deals are no joke, either. Check out some of the best subscription offers in gaming below:

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