Will there be a Killing Eve season 4?

Can Eve and Villanelle make a life together - or will The Twelve get in the way?

Killing Eve S3

**Warning: Contains spoilers for Killing Eve season three**


At the end of season three, we thought Eve Polastri (Sandra Oh) and psychopath assassin Villanelle (Jodie Comer) could have gone their separate ways, but now they’re back in season four and they’re still as obsessed with each other as before.

While season three was a slow burner, by the end it looked like it had finally delivered this fan’s dearest wish: to see Villanelle and Eve admit that they’re perfect for one another. But how long, as Eve asks in the season three finale, before they consume one another?

Read on for everything we know about Killing Eve season four.

Killing Eve season 4 UK release date

Killing Eve has already been renewed for a fourth season – hooray! However, it’s not yet known when it will air.

Killing Eve season 3 ending explained

After Kenny’s brutal death in the closing moments of the season opener, the central question at the heart of the show (and the topic of Carolyn’s many bath meetings) has been: who killed Kenny? Or rather, which member of shadowy crime organisation The Twelve ordered his death and made it look like suicide, after Kenny got too close to the truth?

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His death galvanised both Eve and Kenny’s mother, secret service head Carolyn (Fiona Shaw), and the pair started an investigation with the help of Kenny’s investigative journalism colleagues at Bitter Pill. Over in Russia, Villanelle was busy committing matricide – and slowly realising that she didn’t want to work for The Twelve anymore, and would prefer to get out and work at MI6 (preferably while reigniting her will-they-won’t-they romance with Eve).

Everything came to a head when Bitter Pill uncovered a video that showed Villanelle’s former handler Konstantin (Kim Bodnia) with Kenny on the day he died – and showed it to Carolyn.

Carolyn called a meeting that saw Konstantin, Eve, Villanelle, and Carolyn’s odious boss – and suspected The Twelve boss – Paul. Holding a gun (and demonstrating an astonishing level of marksmanship) she revealed that she knew her ex-lover Konstantin had ordered her son Kenny’s death.

After holding a gun against his head, and listening stony-faced to his professions of love, she shot Paul instead and allowed Konstantin to leave.

Killing Eve S3

Villanelle and Eve left together, before standing on London Bridge overlooking the Thames. After discussing how much Eve’s life had changed since their meeting, Villanelle suggested they stand back-to-back and walk away from one another: “Don’t look back” (a line that fans of French film Portrait of a Lady on Fire will find oddly familiar…).

But, of course, they both looked back, smiling at each other and silently acknowledging that neither is willing to let go.

Killing Eve season 4 cast: Who will return?

The main characters all returned, including Eve Polastri (Sandra Oh), Villanelle (Jodie Comer), Carolyn (Fiona Shaw), and Konstantin (Kim Bodnia).

On top of our these, Owen McDonnell returned as Niko Polastri, Sean Delaney plays Kenny, and Darren Boyd stars as Frank.

Killing Eve season 4 trailer

Killing Eve released a dramatic trailer ahead of the season 4 trailer, and it’s certainly going to be a dramatic affair.

Check it out below…


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