Meet the cast of ITV’s The Bay

Grantchester and The Replacement's Morven Christie stars as a family liaison officer whose connection to a case may compromise an entire investigation...

Morven Christie as Detective Sergeant Lisa Armstrong in The Bay (ITV).

Photographer: Ben Blackall
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When Detective Sergeant Lisa Armstrong is assigned to a missing persons investigation, at first it seems like any other Ð tragic, but all too familiar. As a Family Liaison Officer, sheÕs trained never to get emotionally involved. Her job is to support families during the worst time of their lives whilst also to be the eyes and ears of the police investigation; a cuckoo in the nest. But thereÕs something very different about this particular case. With horror Lisa realises sheÕs got a personal connection with this frightened family; one that could compromise her and the investigation. As she grapples to get justice for the grieving family, Lisa discovers it could come at a cost.

Set in the coastal town of Morecambe, ITV’s latest crime drama The Bay follows Lisa Armstrong, a family liaison officer who takes on a missing persons case after a pair of teenage twins disappear — only to discover that she has a personal connection to the family, which may just jeopardise the case and her career…


Starring Morven Christie as Lisa alongside Ripper Street’s Jonas Armstrong and This Is England’s Chanel Cresswell, read on for further details about the characters and cast…

Morven Christie plays Detective Sergeant Lisa Armstrong

The Bay
Morven Christie plays Detective Sergeant Lisa Armstrong (ITV Pictures)

Who is Lisa Armstrong? Detective Sergeant Lisa Armstrong is a hard-working Family Liaison officer. Mother to two teenagers — including her trouble-making daughter, Abbey — Lisa discovers that a night out with friends has returned to haunt her, after she takes on a case with which she has an unexpected personal connection…

“Lisa is such a refreshingly real character – brilliant and flawed, trying to make everything work, and often failing,” said Morven Christie. “I adore her. And I loved Daragh’s scripts, rooted in the families and community of this distinctive town.”

Where have I seen Morven Christie before? Scottish actress has previously played Amanda Hopkins in the ITV drama Grantchester and the character Alison Hughes in the BBC’s The A Word.

She also lead The Replacement alongside Vicky McClure and last year starred alongside Bill Nighy as Kirsten in Sarah Phelps’ adaptation of Agatha Christie’s Ordeal by Innocence.

Jonas Armstrong plays Sean Meredith

The Bay
Jonas Armstrong plays Sean Meredith (ITV Pictures)

Who is Sean Meredith? Sean is a fisherman and the step-father to teenage twins Dylan and Holly, who go missing. He’s married to Jess Meredith, with whom he’s had two more children, with a third on the way.

Where have I seen Jonas Armstrong before? You’ll probably remember Jonas Armstrong as Robin of Locksley in BBC1’s television drama Robin Hood, which first aired in 2006. He’s also starred as Nathaniel in Ripper Street and played Menelaus in Troy: Fall of a City, and recently guest-starred in Death in Paradise, in which he played Dylan Shepherd.

Chanel Cresswell plays Jess Meredith

Chanel Cresswell plays Jess Meredith in The Bay
Chanel Cresswell plays Jess Meredith (ITV)

Who is Jess Meredith? Jess Meredith is mother to teenage twins Dylan and Holly Meredith, who go missing following a trip to the local youth club. She’s desperate to see them returned home, and tries to co-operate with DS Lisa Armstrong’s prying questions about the family’s home life — and her relationship with Sean.

Where have I seen Chanel Cresswell before? Cresswell is best known for playing Kelly Jenkins in the film This is England and the subsequent series This is England ’86, This is England ’88 and This is England ’90. She won a Best Supporting Actress BAFTA in 2016 for her portrayal of the role. She also played Katie McVey in Sky 1 sitcom Trollied.

Daniel Ryan plays DI Tony Manning

The Bay
Daniel Ryan plays DI Tony Manning (ITV Pictures)

Who is DI Tony Manning? DI Tony Manning is Lisa Armstrong’s boss. He assigns DC “Med” Kharim to her, encouraging Lisa to help Med and show him the ropes, which she’s initially reluctant to do.

Manning also takes a dislike to Sean Meredith, the step-father to the missing twins Dylan and Holly.

Where have I seen Daniel Ryan before? Viewers will probably recognise stage and screen actor Daniel Ryan from shows like Innocent, in which he played Phil Collins; ITV’s Vera; and Mount Pleasant, in which he played Dan.

Taheen Modak plays DC “Med” Kharim

The Bay
Taheen Modak plays DC “Med” Kharim (ITV Pictures)

Who is DC “Med” Kharim? DC “Med” Kharim is a police officer early in his career who’s assigned to shadow DS Lisa Armstrong and learn about the role of Family Liaison officer. He’s a recent father, and is keen to talk about his personal life — something Lisa disapproves of.

Where have I seen Taheen Modak before? A graduate of the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, The Bay marks Taheen Modak’s professional TV debut.

Matthew McNulty plays Nick Mooney

Matthew McNulty plays Nick Mooney in The Bay
Matthew McNulty plays Nick Mooney (ITV)

Who is Nick Mooney? A local young man with an intellectual disability, who lives with his wheelchair-bound mother as her carer. He likes to hang around the youth club and was caught on CCTV arguing with Dylan on the night the teenager disappeared.

Where have I seen Matthew McNulty before? Over the last few years, the actor has starred as Dave in Cleaning Up, Guillaume in Versailles, Lt. Edward Little in The Terror, Jem Merlyn in Jamaica Inn, Jack in Black Work, and Lucien Grimaud in The Musketeers. Other credits include The Paradise, Misfits, and Lark Rise to Candleford.

Hazel Ellerby as Sue Mooney

Hazel Ellerby as Sue Mooney in The Bay
Hazel Ellerby as Sue Mooney (ITV)

Who is Sue Mooney? Nick’s mother. She is very protective of her son, who is classed as a “vulnerable adult.”

Where have I seen Hazel Ellerby before? Screen credits include EastEnders, Endeavour, and Peak Practice.

Jordan Mifsud plays Krzysztof Babakowski

Jordan Mifsud plays Krzysztof in The Bay
Jordan Mifsud plays Krzysztof (ITV)

Who is Krzysztof Babakowski? Sean’s friend and fellow trawlerman. They were on a night out together when the twins went missing.

Where have I seen Jordan Mifsud before? The actor has appeared in Risk, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, and The Siege of Jadotville. He also featured as a CIA agent in US drama The Looming Tower.

Philip Hill-Pearson plays Ryan Foley

Philip Hill-Pearson plays Ryan in The Bay
Philip Hill-Pearson plays Ryan (ITV)

Who is Ryan Foley? Jess Meredith’s brother Ryan is also a fisherman, and works alongside Sean on the boat.

Where have I seen Philip Hill-Pearson before? Coronation Street fans play recognise him as DC Hough. He’s also played Sir Everard Digby in Kit Harington TV drama Gunpowder, Bruce in Shameless, and Frank Marshall in WPC 56.

Ellie Duckles plays Hanna Babakowski

Ellie Duckles plays Hanna in The Bay
Ellie Duckles plays Hanna (ITV)

Who is Hanna Babakowski? The wife of Sean’s best friend, Krzysztof.

Where have I seen Ellie Duckles before? She played Amber in The A List, and also put in an appearance in the TV series Safe as Young Rachel.

Imogen King plays Abbie Armstrong

Imogen King plays Abbie Armstrong (ITV Pictures)
Imogen King plays Abbie Armstrong (ITV Pictures)

Who is Abbie Armstrong? Abbie is Lisa Armstrong’s daughter. An unruly teenager who is frequently in trouble at school, she resents how her mother regards Abbie’s brother as the “perfect” child.

Where have I seen Imogen King before? King is probably best known for playing Rayna in BBC3’s second season of Clique. She also had a walk-in part in the Oscar-winning film Darkest Hour.

Art Parkinson plays Rob Armstrong

Art Parkinson plays Rob Armstrong in The Bay
Art Parkinson plays Rob Armstrong (ITV)

Who is Rob Armstrong? Lisa’s studious and introverted son and Abbie’s brother, Rob is hiding a secret from those around him.

Where have I seen Art Parkinson before? Parkinson is probably best known for playing Rickon Stark in HBO’s hit fantasy series Game of Thrones, and for voicing Kubo in the animated film Kubo and the Two Strings.

Louis Greatorex plays Sam

Louis Greatorex plays Sam in The Bay
Louis Greatorex plays Sam (ITV Pictures)

Who is Sam? One of Rob’s friends, who goes to school in Morecambe with both Rob and Abbie.

Where have I seen Louis Greatorex before?  The young actor has starred as Lawrence in Last Tango in Halifax, Henry Mason in Safe, and Paul Stoneham in The Last Post. He recently put in an appearance in Death in Paradise as the young heir to a sugar plantation.

Richard Huw plays Tom

Richard Huw plays Tom in The Bay
Richard Huw plays Tom (ITV Pictures)

Who is Tom? Boyfriend of Penny, Lisa’s mother.

Where have I seen Richard Huw before? Character actor Richard Huw has been all over our screens in a variety of smaller roles. Credits include Coronation Street, Call the Midwife, Silent Witness, Moving On, No Offence, The Coroner, Care, and series two of Line of Duty.

Ciaran Griffiths plays Lee Ward

Ciaran Griffiths plays Lee Ward in The Bay
Ciaran Griffiths plays Lee Ward (ITV)

Who is Lee Ward? The twins’ biological father. He has not been involved in their lives since they were very young. Jess says he was a deadbeat dad, while Lee insists he was forced out of the family when Sean arrived on the scene.

Where have I seen Ciaran Griffiths before? Shakespeare and Hathaway fans will recognise him as Billy “The Brick” Porter. Ciaran Griffiths has also appeared in The Mill, Vera, EastEnders, and Cold Feet.

Tracie Bennett plays Margaret Foley

The Bay
Tracie Bennett plays Margaret Foley (ITV Pictures)

Who is Margaret Foley? Grandmother to missing twins Dylan and Holly Meredith, Margaret remains coy when DS Lisa Armstrong presses her about the reality of the Merediths’ home life.

Where have I seen Tracie Bennett before? Tony-nominated stage and screen actress Tracie Bennett is probably best remembered by viewers as Sharon Bentley (née Gaskell) in ITV’s long-running soap Coronation Street.

Adam Long plays Vincent

Adam Long plays Vincent (ITV Pictures)
Adam Long plays Vincent (ITV Pictures)

Who is Vincent? A construction worker, Vincent meets Hollie Armstrong when she revisits the demolished arcade where she used to visit as a child.

Where have I seen Adam Long before? Long is probably best known for his role as Joe Bancroft in the TV series Bancroft. He’s also appeared in films such as the Oscar-wining Dunkirk.

Lindsey Coulson plays Penny

Lindsey Coulson plays Penny (ITV Pictures)
Lindsey Coulson plays Penny (ITV Pictures)

Who is Penny? Mother to Lisa and grandmother to Hollie and Rob, Penny looks after the kids when Lisa is at work.

Where have I seen Lindsey Coulson before? You’ll probably recognise Coulson from her role as Carol Jackson in the BBC’s long-running soap EastEnders. Her various other TV credits include The Stepfather, Doctor Who, and Clocking Off.

Simon Manyonda plays DS Stewart

Simon Manyonda plays DS Stewart (ITV Pictures)
Simon Manyonda plays DS Stewart (ITV Pictures)

Who is DS Stewart? DS Stewart is a colleague of both Lisa Armstrong and DC “Med”.

Where have I seen Simon Manyonda before? The theatre and TV actor has appeared in Doctor Who, Holby City, Suspects, and will appear in BBC1’s upcoming His Dark Materials adaptation in the role of Benjamin De Ruyter.

Darci Shaw plays Holly

Darci Shaw plays Holly (ITV Pictures)
Darci Shaw plays Holly (ITV Pictures)

Who is Holly? Daughter of Sean and Jess Meredith, Holly and her twin Dylan go missing.

Where have I seen Darci Shaw before? The Bay is Shaw’s first onscreen role. She’s also set to star as the young Judy Garland in the upcoming film biopic Judy, starring Renée Zellweger in the title role.

Noah Valentine plays Dylan

Noah Valentine plays Dylan (ITV Pictures)

Who is Dylan? Holly’s twin, Dylan and his sister both go missing at the beginning of episode one.


Where have I seen Noah Valentine before? Valentine played Ben Siddel in Coronation Street and has also appeared in the Warrington bombing drama Mother’s Day, in which he played Dom.