Sara Cox had the best response to Zoe Ball being named the new BBC Radio 2 breakfast show presenter

One of the favourites to succeed Chris Evans on Radio 2, presenter Sara Cox took the news in her stride, kicking off her show with the song It Wasn't Me

Sara Cox

Sara Cox had the perfect song to kick off her BBC Radio 2 show on Wednesday night: Shaggy’s 2000 pop classic It Wasn’t Me.


But she wasn’t worried about being discovered “creeping with the girl next door” – instead, the song appeared to be a tongue-in-cheek response to Zoë Ball getting the job of Radio 2 breakfast show presenter.

Sara had been rumoured as a potential replacement for Chris Evans on the flagship radio show, but on 3rd October it was officially confirmed that Zoë would be taking over.

Sara however will still be providing holiday cover for Zöe, and is clearly looking on the bright side.

“Kicking off the show this morning with It Wasn’t Me,” Sara told listeners. “Congratulations to Zoë Ball, she is taking over of course from Chris Evans: she’s been given the plum role of my breakfast show holiday cover.

“So basically this is how it works. I’ve got the Breakfast Show, I just do ten weeks a year because I’m busy doing other stuff, and it is early. So I do ten weeks, and she’ll cover the other 42 weeks when I’m off on holiday sunning myself somewhere nice.

“So congratulations to Zoë, I’m absolutely thrilled for her, that’s very nice. I did know for a couple of weeks or so that Zoë had it, but I managed to keep it secret.”

For now she’ll continue in her regular night-time Radio 2 slot, pumping out some more great tunes…

Zoe takes over the Breakfast Show from January 2019, and will become the first permanent female host of the Radio 2 show.


Chris Evans meanwhile is heading to Virgin Radio, after finishing up a 13 year stint on Radio 2 in December.

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