The Wreck-it Ralph sequel has a very sweet Stan Lee cameo

The late comics supremo was known for his appearances in various movies, of which Ralph Breaks the Internet is the latest

Stan Lee with Ralph and Vanellope from Ralph Breaks the Internet (Getty, Disney)

**Contains minor spoilers for Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-it Ralph 2**

As people around the world mourned the loss of Marvel comics icon Stan Lee when he died a few weeks ago, it was revealed that Lee’s trademark movie cameos probably weren’t over yet, with the creator behind many superhero characters (and arguably the Marvel comic universe) apparently still set to appear in upcoming films like Captain Marvel and Avengers 4 (Lee having filmed the cameos some time ago).


And the first of these posthumous cameos has turned up in Disney’s Wreck-it Ralph sequel Ralph Breaks the Internet, making for a sweet and poignant moment in the high-energy animated movie.

This isn’t the most traditional cameo, mind you – Lee didn’t actually record or shoot anything for the film – with the comics legend’s likeness popping up during a segment where Sarah Silverman’s Vanellope visits the real-life Oh My Disney website (having travelled to the internet to buy a new video game part).

While there, Vanellope is wowed by aerial Star Wars battles, superhero showdowns and a fun meeting with some well-known Disney princesses before being pursued by Stormtroopers.

And in passing she also greets one of the square-headed online avatars that the film uses to represent real-world people using the internet, who then turns round to reveal that he is a version of Stan Lee, chatting to Iron Man (a character he co-created) without a care in the world.

Forget the box office billions – Stan Lee’s real legacy is the readers he leaves behind

While Lee’s avatar doesn’t say anything in the movie, it’s still a brilliantly subtle way to pay tribute to the pop culture icon, particularly by pairing him with one of the superheroes he created.

It’s definitely a coincidence – Lee’s death came just a short while before the film’s release, so they wouldn’t have had time to react to it – but in a way, having Lee stand there silently seems like just the respectful way to handle his first movie appearance following the sad news of his passing.

Going forward, Lee is also set to pop up in new animated Spider-Man movie Into the Spider-Verse as well as the upcoming live-action Marvel movies – so keep your eyes peeled as Stan Lee’s legacy lives on.


Ralph Breaks the Internet will be released in UK cinemas on Friday 30th November