Dynamo confirms Magician Impossible will end after four series

The illusionist is keen to leave people wanting more as he confirms the show’s end

Dynamo: Magician Impossible will end after the upcoming fourth series, UKTV’s Watch has confirmed.


The show has followed illusionist Dynamo around the world, performing jaw-dropping magic tricks to an unsuspecting public and famous faces alike. Bands Coldplay and One Direction are among those set to be stunned in the next series. But Dynamo feels the time is right to end the Impossible run.

“It is the final series of Magician Impossible. It feels right. There have been so many amazing TV shows that I think could have finished a bit earlier and kept the mystique. As much as I’d love to keep making more episodes and keep it going on forever, I want to leave people wanting more.”

Magician Impossible has so far scooped more than 250 million viewers worldwide, airing in 193 territories around the globe. The channel’s Director of Commissioning Richard Watsham says they are “immensely proud of this series” and are already talking about what they can do next with Dynamo.

But before Dynamo launches into something else, we’re hoping there’s more time for things like hanging from a London bus, just because he can. 

Maybe he could just pop by the office and tell us how on earth he did this?

Or actually, he should just spend a lot more time with Pharrell 


See the first episode in the final series of Dynamo: Magician Impossible at 9:00pm on Thursday 4th September on Watch