X Factor 2013: Judges get tough as criticism takes the spotlight – sixty second review

Movie week sees the judges do their best baddie impressions and Gary Barlow's girl band Miss Dynamix lose the flash vote

Gary Barlow may have whipped out a lightsaber – literally, it was movie week – and Nicole Scherzinger may have visited Greggs the bakers and had a popcorn-filled movie night in with her act Abi Alton… but it wasn’t all fun and games once the singing started. 


Like Wolverine brandishing his claws the judges quickly got down to business with Abi Alton and Sam Callahan being hit with more criticism about their song choices. Sharon Osbourne wants more ‘X Factor’ from Abi and Sam was told to steer clear of U2 tracks. 

Sam Bailey sang Celine Dion’s Titanic theme song after vowing never to sing it again. With a pretty good reason as it goes. She was made to sing it on a cruise ship during a storm. Awkward. 

Louis Walsh’s ‘Baby Buble’ Nicholas McDonald got through the judges’ comments without too much drama, as did Hannah Barrett for taking on an Adele track.

Finally, Nicole’s Tamera Foster bagged an ‘OH MY GOD’ from Louis Walsh for her performance of Beyonce’s Listen from Dreamgirls. Which is what we always want, eh? Better than all that ‘there’s got to be a gap in the market’, ‘you made it your own’, ‘you’re like a young…’ etc. 

But it could be the end of the road for girl band Miss Dynamix after they lost the flash vote and will face tomorrow night’s sing-off. 


X Factor continues tomorrow night at 8:00pm on ITV