Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model exit interview – Jessica Patterson

The latest model to bow out talks eliminations, doing the Harlem Shake with Dannii Minogue, her bridal nightmare and watching nude shoots with her mum


Jess Patterson lasted a commendable four weeks of this year’s Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model competition but after an underwhelming photoshoot in the nude, she’s been eliminated, losing out to rival Abigail Johns. caught up with her to hear all about her reaction to this week’s episode, doing the Harlem Shake with Dannii Minogue and watching her nude photoshoot with the ‘rents. 


How would you describe your time in the BINTM house? 

It was amazing, I wouldn’t take back a second of it. The only wish I could have is to have done a bit longer…

You were considered the dark horse at the start – was it fun being able to surprise the girls when the judges praised your first photoshoot?

Some of them didn’t think I was competition – I think Abby and Saffron said to me at boot camp, “we didn’t think you were much of a model.” But then at the shoot for Company they saw the other side of me. It was nice. They told me I’d turned it around. 

Who did you get on best with in the house?

Emma and Sarah, and I was pretty close to Lauren, Naomi and Sophie as well. I tried to get on with everyone. 

Everyone? In an all-girls house?

In the house everyone had the friends they were closest to but we were all just hanging around with each other anyway. If any kind of trouble arose I just went away and said, “I’m just going to go over here now.” The only bitchy atmosphere would have come from a loss of patience – we weren’t getting much sleep and we were on the go all the time so tempers would have flared a bit because of different circumstances. Everyone was trying their best to be understanding and mature but in a house of girls that’s not always going to work out. Tensions will rise and the closer they get to the goal, the more tense and anxious people get so they might set off a little easier than they would have at the beginning. 

What was your favourite moment on the show? 

I loved the Company shoot! There’s a Harlem Shake video from it that Dannii Minogue posted on YouTube which was amazing. It was before the Company shoot – we were rehearsing and there was a big pile of onesies in different colours. So we all got onesied up and put paper bags on our heads and did the Harlem Shake in the middle of the set. It was before the final fourteen had been released so no one could know. Getting to meet Jourdan Dunn was amazing, too. She’s my favourite model ever and she went round giving people hugs. 

Did you get to know the judges – Elle, Tyson and Dannii?

We had a shoot with each of them and they were really nice. Elle was on our makeover shoot, Dannii on the Company one and Tyson did the gymnast shoot with Louis Smith. Tyson also went around and had a chat with the girls during the makeovers, just to calm their nerves. And then just before I left they said go home and practice and work on my confidence. 

You’ve said before that wearing a wedding dress is your worst nightmare – and you had to do a bridal show in the first episode…

I am the least bridal person you can come across – I would be tripping down the aisle. I’ve been to a casting for bridal wear before and there were all these glamorous models who should be brides tomorrow and then there’s me all big fuzzy hair in this dress which is slightly too big because I’m an awkward shape. 

Do you find it awkward watching yourself back on TV?

Definitely. I’m quite lucky that I don’t seem to draw too much attention to myself but I’m not sure whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing? I watch it with my mum and dad and I get my mum screaming beside me every time my hair comes into shot. 

Surely it gets a little awkward watching yourself on a topless shoot with your parents?

A little awkward, but mum will be taking the absolute piss out of me anyway. I’ll just get them to look away. 

Why do you think you were eliminated?

It was a really bad week all round, but when it was Abby and I in the bottom two, I was still thinking she was in the bottom two last time. I just can’t wait to see what the judges’ reasoning was because I don’t know why they kicked me out over her. Tyson had openly disliked Abby on numerous occasions and I had thought Elle and Danni had liked me so why was I picked over her?

So, who would you have kicked out instead?



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