Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model exit interview – Christina Chalk

"Elle was just looking at the other three and smiling and she'd never look at me - it was a big giveaway and I knew I was out already"


She’d barely entered the house and she’s already been given the boot – Scottish pharmacology student Christina Chalk was the first Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model hopeful to be shown the door. Following her elimination, spoke to all about what went wrong, her opinions on the judges and the time she turned down Gerard Butler…


How would you describe your experience on Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model?

It was a very exciting journey, just because you didn’t know what was going to happen pretty much every step of the way so it was such an adventure. 

You filmed back in April but you’ve been studying for your university pharmacology exams since – that all sounds pretty stressful…

Well, I passed everything, woohoo! A good result even though I was out of uni for a wee bit. 

You found out about the BINTM auditions when your student union posted it on Twitter – was it a nerve-wracking process getting your place in the house?

Yes, and it was such a long process as well! It took a couple of months and you’re Googling loads of stuff and looking at all the different cycles. And then when we went down to London there was a big group of girls and you interacted with them and were watched like Big Brother. I think they just wanted to see how we reacted to the cameras. 

No one wants to be the first girl eliminated – what do you think went wrong? 

I’m not really sure – there were fourteen people so I was quite surprised. But as soon as I saw my picture I knew that I hadn’t brought my A game so I was hoping they would give me a chance. Sadly no…

Did you have a premonition when it got down to the elimination?

When they called out the the names of the three girls who were going through I had a really bad feeling. I just knew I was out because Elle was looking at the other three and smiling and she’d never look at me – you know when you can tell by their body language? It was a big giveaway and I knew I was out already. 

Fashion is a famously tough industry – was it hard to hear the judges’ criticism?

They went through our tapes from the week of challenges and dissected them. That was quite difficult when they were critiquing because it’s just so hard to hear things about yourself straight to your face. People can be bitchy and talk behind your back but I’d rather not know. 

Was it hard to stay composed in front of the cameras?

I tried not to cry in front of them. I don’t want to show that side of myself because I wail – I am a wailer! Right at the end because there were no trains back up to Scotland so I couldn’t go home straight away, that’s when I cried. 

Who did you get on best with in the house?

I really liked Naomi and Sophie – I thought they were absolutely lovely. 

And who did you clash with?

We hadn’t really got to that stage yet because I was eliminated so early so I wasn’t really hating on anyone yet. Everyone was actually really nice. I think they were just getting on with it – you can’t go through being a bitch to everybody because you’re going to make your life really difficult.

What did you think of the judges? 

It was a bit surreal because Dannii was on our shoot and she was really nice, very straight to the point. She told you what she thought and I guess honesty is the best policy. It hurts but I respect that. 

So, she came out all guns blazing for her first judging session?

Yes, she definitely did! She was great, though, and she’s got amazing style as well. 

What about Elle Macpherson and Tyson Beckford?

Tyson was really cool and laid back and he said, “You should definitely do TV”. If he could point me in the right direction, that would be cool… Elle was just the head judge – very mysterious to me. I just didn’t get to know her as well because she wasn’t on the shoot. I think Elle and Dannii seemed to be best pals. 

So are you going to pursue a full-time career in modelling now?

I’ll probably just do it part time at the moment – I just want to get my degree because it’s so stable. And I don’t want to be judged on my looks all the time. It’s quite hard because there’s nothing you can change. If you don’t know something you could go and learn it whereas if I don’t have the look they want, I could get plastic surgery but it’s not going to come cheap. And I’m my own person!

And finally, we hear you once got chatted up by hunky Hollywood star Gerard Butler – spill the beans…

I was interviewing him for the Scottish Fashion Awards and he didn’t know much about fashion so he got a bit frustrated. Then, when I was going to the premiere he came up to me and said sorry about earlier and we were chatting away because his family live quite close to me. Then I went to the toilets and he just asked for my number. 

And did you give it to him?

Erm, no. He’s like my dad’s age. He’s cool and all but there was just a bit of an age gap. 


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