No-one expected much from Top Gun: Maverick, and so its huge success came as a complete surprise.


The Top Gun sequel was a massive box office success, grossing more than $700 million domestically and more than $1.4 billion worldwide, and was widely lauded for its thrilling action and superb plot – our Top Gun: Maverick review argues that it even improved on the 1986 film Top Gun.

And now the film has been nominated for six Oscars, including best picture, best adapted screenplay and best original song, meaning you should probably watch it if you haven’t already...

While the movie was released exclusively in cinemas, there are now several ways you can watch the Top Gun: Maverick cast from the comfort of your own home.

Tom Cruise recently confirmed he never considered letting Top Gun: Maverick debut on streaming, despite numerous release date delays brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Speaking earlier in May 2022 at the Cannes Film Festival, Cruise said (according to Variety): "That was not going to happen ever. I make movies for the big screen.

"I’ve spent a lot of time with theatre owners. The people that serve the popcorn, the ones who make this [happen]."

He added that he called movie theatre owners with the message: "Please, I know what you’re going through. Just know we are making Mission: Impossible and Top Gun is coming out.”

Ahead of the 2023 Academy Awards, read on for your guide on how to watch the blockbuster film and how to watch the movie on streaming services.

How to watch Top Gun: Maverick online

Tom Cruise saluting with tears in his eyes as as Pete Mitchell in Top Gun Maverick
Tom Cruise as Pete Mitchell in Top Gun: Maverick. YouTube/Paramount Pictures

The movie became available to rent or purchase on most digital platforms from 23rd August 2022, including Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, Apple TV Plus and more.

You can also watch the original Top Gun movie on Amazon Prime Video at an extra cost for Prime members.

How to stream Top Gun: Maverick online for free

You can stream Top Gun 2 online for free if you have a Paramount Plus subscription.

Potential subscribers in the UK and Ireland can take up a free seven-day trial from launch day.

After that, pricing for Paramount Plus is £6.99 per month or £69.90 per year in the UK.

Do I need to watch Top Gun before Top Gun: Maverick?

No, you don’t technically need to watch Top Gun in order to appreciate Top Gun: Maverick.

However, it might give you a better understanding of Pete Mitchell’s character and his attitude towards Iceman.

Read our guide on how to watch the 1986 original Top Gun film online.

How to watch Top Gun: Maverick in UK cinemas

Tom Cruise as Pete Mitchell in Top Gun Maverick
Tom Cruise as Pete Mitchell in Top Gun Maverick. YouTube/Paramount Pictures UK

Incredibly, Top Gun: Maverick is still showing in some UK cinemas.

The film was given a wide release on 25th May 2022, meaning it became available to watch in just about every mainstream and independent cinema you can think of.

Top Gun: Maverick's original premiere date of 24th June 2020 was delayed by nearly two years as a result of the pandemic, with the movie's UK cinema release date pushed back to May 2022.

What are critics saying about Top Gun: Maverick?

Jennifer Connelly in Top Gun: Maverick
Jennifer Connelly as Penny in Top Gun: Maverick. YouTube/Paramount Pictures UK

Top Gun: Maverick currently has a critics score of 96 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes who rate the film as "Fresh", while 99 per cent of audience members who rated the film agreed.

The critical consensus reads: "Top Gun: Maverick pulls off a feat even trickier than a 4G inverted dive, delivering a long-belated sequel that surpasses its predecessor in wildly entertaining style."

It is certainly hard to disagree, so go see the film and let us know what you think!

Top Gun: Maverick DVD release date

If you're after a physical copy, you're in luck.

Top Gun: Maverick was released on DVD, Blu-ray and on 4K Ultra HD disc in the UK on the 1st November 2022.

Top Gun: Maverick is out now in cinemas. Visit our Movies hub for more news and features or find something to watch tonight with our TV Guide.


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