Warning: This article contains spoilers for Scream VI.


Jasmin Savoy Brown has warned Scream fans not to get too attached to the so-called 'Core Four' that emerged in the latest entry, as Ghostface could catch up to them soon.

The actor plays Mindy Meeks in the film series, a niece to the late Randy Meeks (Jamie Kennedy), who escaped the latest round of killings along with twin brother Chad (Mason Gooding) as well as friends Sam (Melissa Barrera) and Tara Carpenter (Jenna Ortega).

In Scream VI, which hit cinemas in March and is now available for digital download, the characters were playfully referred to by Chad as the 'Core Four' – seemingly cementing their status as the new stars of the long-running franchise.

However, in an exclusive interview with RadioTimes.com, Brown said fans shouldn't expect this protected status to last forever, suggesting everyone will be in danger when Ghostface inevitably returns.

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"At this point, it would gut everybody if anything happened to any of them," said the Yellowjackets star. "But I mean, it's Scream. It has to happen at some point."

At the time of writing, Paramount Pictures is yet to formally announce Scream 7, but fans are hopeful as the sixth instalment performed strongly at the global box office.

Brown went on to give her opinion on whether Mindy is capable of donning the Ghostface mask herself, with the latest entry hinting at a traitor in the midst of our surviving favourites.

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"I think, in the fifth entry [from 2022], I would have said yes. But after the sixth film, I'm getting to know her a little better [and] I don't think so," the star explained.

"She's too much of a stoner and she just loves her brother too much. Unless he was in on it – if the twins did it together, perhaps."

Brown added: "But if it was just her… you know they would have a scene where she was killing him and it would destroy me. So I hope not."

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