Sky's latest revenge thriller, Dead Shot, is not only an intriguing exploration of the history of the Troubles but also boasts a star-studded cast.


Now, has not one, but two online exclusive sneak peeks at the cast in action in the film, which is available to watch on Sky Cinema from today (Friday 12th May).

The new Sky Original film centres on Michael, a retired Irish paramilitary in 1975 who wants to turn his back on the IRA unit he's a part of. But when a border ambush goes wrong, he witnesses the fatal shooting of his pregnant wife by an SAS officer (played by Aml Ameen).

As per the synopsis: "After outwitting the SAS, now wounded, and presumed dead, he escapes, taking his revenge to the dark and paranoid streets of 1970’s London. Raw and suspenseful, Dead Shot is an fuelled thriller that will leave audiences weighing up the true cost of revenge."

In the clips, the tension is more than palpable, only making us further excited for the film. In the first teaser, we see Merlin's Colin Morgan well and truly in the midst of his revenge plot on the streets of '70s London.

He's holed up in a red telephone box, ensuring his colleague is primed and ready with his gun, who replies that he's "in position". Michael (Morgan) then rings up the local London police station, saying: "This is the Irish Republican Army, don't speak, just listen."

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He proceeds to explain that there's a bomb by the station and they only 30 minutes to clear the area, stating: "This is not a hoax." But right as the police officers run out to enact Michael's instructions, we see that there's a car right by Michael's phone box with uniformed officers tapping at the window urging the driver to wind it down.

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Could it be a decoy? Or is the bomb actually not where Michael said it would be? Watch the clip below.

In a second teaser, exclusive to, we also see an softer side to Michael who uses a woman's clothing store as a welcome hiding place away from the police.

He runs in, stating that he's looking for an "emergency" dress for his wife and are introduced to The Witcher: Blood Origin’s Sophia Brown as Ruth. She laughs at the fact he doesn't know his wife's dress size but proceeds to help him, prompting him to have flashbacks of his wife's brown hair and blue eyes – and her killing – before he promptly flees.

Watch the clip below.

The Dead Shot cast not only includes the likes of Morgan, Brown and I May Destroy You's Ameen but also includes Felicity Jones (Rogue One), Mark Strong (1917) and Tom Vaughan-Lawlor (Avengers: Endgame).

Dead Shot is now available to watch on Sky Cinema and streaming service NOWsign up for Sky TV here.

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