Another Bond hopeful has shot down suggestions he will step into the role of the elusive spy, with actor Clive Owen admitting the rumours are "all hype and talk".


In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the Croupier actor was asked if speculation of him being the next Bond was real, and it seems the theories were way off.

"It was all hype and talk, and there's a lot worse things to be associated with," Owen said.

He continued: "All I'll say is that if you take that on, it's a massive undertaking for your whole life. That's a career decision.

"Now, everyone thinks and assumes that everyone would want to do it, but think about your life, think about going in a bar for a drink, think about doing normal things, and whether that would be possible after playing that part."

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The actor has previously opened up about not wanting to play Bond. In an interview with The Daily Beast, Owen acknowledged his "disinterest" in being pigeon-holed into particular roles and genres.

Speaking of his role in Monsieur Spade, Owen said: "The thing about this particular show, because it’s a genre I love so much and because I rate Scott Frank so highly as both a director and writer, we’re already talking about the possibility of doing more.

"That's something with this one that I wouldn’t hesitate to do, just because there were times when I was shooting this series and I was like, 'This is where I want to be.'"

Owen is just one of an abundance of actors who have been rumoured to portray the next 007, with Aaron Taylor-Johnson being the frontrunner.

Back in March, the actor was reportedly close to signing on as the next James Bond, and while nothing has been confirmed or denied, Taylor-Johnson is remaining tight-lipped on the matter.

When asked by AP Entertainment if he was sick of being asked about the rumours, the actor replied: "You sick of asking the question?"

When the reporter answered, "I want to know, so no," Taylor-Johnson laughed before walking away and saying, "Alright, have a good one."


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