The One and Only Ivan

The One and Only Ivan

Thea Sharrock (2020)



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A moving true story is brought to the screen with copious artistic licence in this sweet and soppy Disney flick from director Thea Sharrock (Me Before You). Based on the book by Katherine Applegate, it combines live-action and photorealistic CGI to tell the story of Ivan (charismatically voiced by Sam Rockwell), the silverback gorilla star of a mall circus run by Bryan Cranston's Mack. Although he's jealous when a cute new arrival upstages him, Ivan's protective instinct kicks in, and he finds an unlikely outlet in art. Danny DeVito makes for an enjoyably sassy sidekick, voicing stray dog Bob, while Angelina Jolie brings a touch of class to her ageing elephant, Stella. Gently paced and lacking in big narrative thrills, The One and Only Ivan may prove too melancholic for young kids, but the animals inspire awe, and the film draws winningly on Disney classics like Dumbo and Bambi.

Cast & Crew

Ivan Sam Rockwell
Stella Angelina Jolie
Mack Bryan Cranston
Snickers Helen Mirren
Bob Danny DeVito
Ruby Brooklynn Prince
Julia Ariana Greenblatt
Thelma Phillipa Soo
Director Thea Sharrock
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