Wild Rose

Wild Rose

Tom Harper (3) (2019)

15 Certificate


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Glasgow grit meets Nashville swagger for a funny and touching musical drama from Tom Harper that mostly strikes the right note. Jessie Buckley is sensational as Scottish songstress Rose-Lynn Harlan, who's as troubled as she is talented. Fresh out of prison, this brazenly ambitious live wire is a mother trying and failing to make amends to her two young children, while her own mum (Julie Walters) pours scorn on her dream of country-music success. Singing with the same unbridled passion that lands her in hot water, Rose-Lynn finds a champion when she begins cleaning the house of the benevolent Susannah (Sophie Okonedo). Screenwriter Nicole Taylor (TV's Three Girls) adds enough reality checks to the star-is-born story to create a dynamite protagonist who combines salty humour with the achy, breaky heart of an artist. Buckley co-wrote several of the original songs with Taylor, and captivates with Rose-Lynn's fallibility, soul-shaking voice and gumption. The narrative tends toward the predictable as it strives to deliver a satisfying happy ending, but the depth and determination of its leading lady sets it apart.

Cast & Crew

Rose-Lynn Harlan Jessie Buckley
Marion Julie Walters
Susannah Sophie Okonedo
Sam Jamie Sives
Alan Craig Parkinson
Elliot James Harkness
Roanne Ashley Shelton
Kirsty Vanya Eadie
Joe Aly Bain
Neill Neil MacColl
Iver Phil Cunningham
Director Tom Harper (3)
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Entertainment OneAvailable on: DVDReleased on: 12 Apr 2019