Northern Soul

Northern Soul

Elaine Constantine (2012)

15 Certificate


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The lives of two Lancashire lads change for ever after they discover the sounds of rare American soul music. It's 1974, Wigan Casino is the place to dance all night, and the two mates dream of scouring America for enough rare grooves to become the hottest DJs on the burgeoning Northern soul scene. Photographer Elaine Constantine's uplifting debut feature works as an authentic primer in the subject and a feel-good snapshot of its era. Like a British Saturday Night Fever, it captures the look, energy and exuberance of a youth culture, while not shying away from the more violent and amphetamine-fuelled darker sides. Elliot James Langridge and Josh Whitehouse are exceptional as the optimistic best mates finding their way in a grimy blue-collar world, with key cameo support from Steve Coogan and Lisa Stansfield. The soundtrack, including Frankie Valli, Edwin Starr and Marvin Gaye dancefloor classics, is another outstanding delight in this tonally precise, multifaceted gem.


Premiere. A teenager living in a Northern town in the 1970s finds his horizons expanded when he discovers American soul music. He develops an inseparable friendship with a fellow devotee and the pair hope to achieve a brighter future beyond their bleak daily life. Drama, starring Elliot James Langridge, Josh Whitehouse, Steve Coogan and Ricky Tomlinson.

Cast & Crew

John Clark Elliot James Langridge
Matt Joshua Whitehouse
Angela Antonia Thomas
Sean Jack Gordon
Ray Henderson James Lance
Dad Christian McKay
Grandad Ricky Tomlinson
Mum Lisa Stansfield
Director Elaine Constantine
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Munro Film ServiesGuidance: Swearing, sex scenes, drug abuse.Available on: DVD and Blu-rayReleased on: 17 Oct 2014