Doctor Who – get ready to play Dalek Bingo!

Print out your exclusive Dalek Bingo card, sit down in front of Asylum of the Daleks this Saturday night and see how many you can spot...


This Saturday night, The Doctor returns in season seven opener Asylum of the Daleks, which brings together every Dalek ever from throughout Doctor Who history. Some will be right at the heart of the action, others we might only get a glimpse of, but we’re promised they will all be there.


And as if the excitement of a new series of Doctor Who, and all those deadly Daleks, wasn’t enough, we’ve come up with a fun way to enhance your viewing experience – Dalek Bingo!

Just click on the image, left, to open our exclusive Dalek Bingo game card, then print it out and prepare to play.

How may of the nine Daleks from throughout Who history can you spot during Saturday night’s episode? As you see each one, cross it off – and if you want to make it really official, note down the time when you identified it.

Play with family and friends, play alone, play while re-watching it on BBC iPlayer later on, just make sure you don’t miss out on the bingo game to exterminate all bingo games.

Eyes down! Let’s play Dalek Bingo!

Dalek Bingo concept and design by Stuart Manning


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