Close Encounters of the Third Kind

  • PG
  • Steven Spielberg (1977)
  • US
  • 126 min
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
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5 out of 5

As does the later ET the Extra-Terrestrial, this brilliantly realised suburban sci-fi saga reverses years of flying saucer attacks with the notion that visitors from outer space just might be friendly. Richard Dreyfuss strikes the perfect note of childlike inquisitiveness as the electrical engineer "chosen" to make contact with alien lifeforms, despite obstruction by family and government. Director Steven Spielberg confirmed his genius for painting a convincing picture of mundane domestic life, subsequently shattered by extraordinary events (notably the terrifying kidnap of a young boy and Dreyfuss's slide into apparent insanity). The special effects are spectacular, John Williams's score is emotionally charged, nouvelle vague director François Truffaut makes an elegant UFO expert and it's impossible not to get caught up in the protracted climax.

Plot Summary

Science-fiction drama starring Richard Dreyfuss. While investigating an extensive power failure in Indiana, Roy Neary encounters a UFO - a phenomenon also witnessed by Jillian Guiler and her young son. When he is unable to convince anyone of his sighting, Neary's strange behaviour starts to worry his family.

Cast and crew


Roy Neary
Richard Dreyfuss
Claude Lacombe
François Truffaut
Ronnie Neary
Teri Garr
Jillian Guiler
Melinda Dillon
David Laughlin
Bob Balaban
Project leader
J Patrick McNamara
Wild Bill
Warren Kemmerling
Roberts Blossom
Jean Claude
Philip Dodds
Barry Guiler
Cary Guffey
Henriksen. Lance
Larry Butler
Josef Sommer


Steven Spielberg

Other Information

Some swearing.
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