While you may be stuffed with chocolate eggs and already contemplating work (at home) tomorrow, there's plenty on the TV schedules to take your mind off things.


From the long-awaited return of TV sensation Killing Eve to ITV's adaptation of the infamous Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? coughing scandal, there's no shortage of new shows - as well as the mandatory Bank Holiday films.

Let's start with some top picks to help you decide what to watch on Easter Monday.

What's on ITV on Easter Monday?

Quiz at 9pm


Hot on the heels of the return of Celebrity Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, this dramatisation recreates the programme's - and indeed the quiz show industry's - biggest scandal. Complete with Michael Sheen's spot-on Christ Tarrant impression, the show sees British Army Major Charles Ingram as he sails straight through to the top prize of £1million - with the help of a few infamous coughs. Our four-star review described it as "Ocean’s 11 meets middle-class Wiltshire".

What's on BBC iPlayer on Easter Monday?

Killing Eve

Killing Eve

One of the few recent shows to be moved forward, the long-awaited return of this cat-and-mouse thriller sees Villanelle getting over her "break-up". The trailer has promised more of Villanelle's elaborate disguises, more creative assassinations and a resolution to that cliffhanger from series two. Our review of the first episode promises plenty of early shock twists...

What's on BBC One on Easter Monday?

Father Brown at 1:40pm

Father Brown

It may be a repeat, but Easter is the perfect time for some light village crime-solving with Father Brown. This series one episode sees a girl ostracised as she is believed to have radiation sickness - so there's plenty of suspects when she goes missing...

The Nest at 9pm

The Nest
BBC / Studio Lambert / Mark Mainz

The twisty-turny surrogate drama concludes as the main characters all wrangle over custody of the baby. There's still time for a few revelations though - Emily learns an important part of husband Dan's history, while Kaya's past catches up with her.

What's on BBC Two on Easter Monday?

Mary Berry's Easter Feast at 7pm

Classic Mary Berry (BBC, EH)

The conclusion of her two-part Easter extravaganza, this episode sees the former Bake Off judge cook Easter dishes from around the world, Lechon (Filipino roasted pork) and a cardamom dove cake. She also explores international traditions over Easter, including how the Greek Orthodox community breaks the fast with tsoureki bread, the work of Archbishop of York John Sentamu as well as Italian culinary specialities. Might make you hungry even if you're full of chocolate eggs...

Dolly Parton: 50 years at the Opry at 9pm

Dolly Parton (Getty, EH)

Celebrating her 50 years as a member of country music stage the Grand Ole Opry, this candid documentary sees the musical icon talk through her career, interspersed with footage of her anniversary concert in October 2019. Parton rings her trademark wit as well some disarming honesty, and is joined by guests Lady Antebellum, Emmylou Harris and Hank Williams Jr.

What's on Amazon Prime on Easter Monday?


Outlander series five

The time-travel drama continues after a week off. Following on from the Battle of Alamance, the surviving characters were last seen looking for Roger when they discovered a familiar hooded body hanging from a tree - is this really it for Roger MacKenzie? Watch on Amazon Prime.

Best Movies to watch on Easter Monday

What movies are on BBC One on Easter Monday?

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of Crystal Skull, Sky Movies

The ending remains controversial, but this belated sequel proved Indiana Jones could wield that whip at any age. We also get a good look at the famous warehouse glimpsed at the end of the first film - keep an eye out for the Ark of the Covenant cameo...

What movies are on BBC Two on Easter Monday?

The Robe at 3pm

Richard Burton

One of the many religious epics shown this weekend, The Robe sees Richard Burton as a Roman military tribune who commands the crucifixion of Jesus Christ only to be tormented by a guilty conscience afterwards. Known for being the first film to be shot in widescreen cinemascope, the movie is worth seeing for Jay Robinson's unforgettably over-the-top Emporer Caligula.

What movies are on ITV2 on Easter Monday?

Richie Rich at 2:45pm

Macaulay Culkin

Macaulay Culkin's last feature film as a child star, this Harvey Comics adaptation sees a wealthy but friendless young boy finally get some pals his age when a scheming executive tries to steal his parents' wealth. Formulaic family fun perfect for a Bank Holiday afternoon in.

More like this

Casper at 4:40pm

Christina Ricci

Another 90s childhood classic adapted from a Harvey Comics strip, this film swaps Macaulay Culkin for fellow child star Christina Ricci fresh from her breakout role in The Addams Family. The first film to have a CGI character in the lead role, this movie sees a paranormal expert and his daughter befriend the friendly ghost himself when hired to clear a mansion of spirits.

Jurassic World at 6:35pm

Jurassic World

Billion-dollar reboot of Spielberg's iconic dinosaur franchise, this time focusing on a fully-functioning park that makes a genetically engineered hybrid The Indominus Rex. Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard are the Park employees escaping the rampage, and will return along with the original Jurassic Park cast in the upcoming Jurassic World: Dominion.

What movies are on Film Four on Easter Monday?

Shrek the Third at 5pm


Shrek takes aim at the legend of King Arthur in this animated sequel, best remembered for introducing the adorable ogre babies. After inheriting the throne the death of Fiona's father, Shrek would much rather someones else become King - is Justin Timberlake's Artie up to the job?

Home Alone at 6:50pm

Home Alone, YouTube
Home Alone, YouTube YouTube

Macaulay Culkin strikes again, this time in his most famous work by far - Home Alone. It may not be Christmas, but the story of an eight-year-old boy causing chaos while home alone works with or without the festive setting - it may also work as a reminder before the upcoming Disney+ reboot.


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