Esther Rantzen has suggested that talks are ongoing about bringing back That's Life! 24 years after its last episode aired.


“A friend of mine is having a go," Rantzen told the Mirror of a revival of the magazine show, which presented serious investigative journalism alongside satirical pieces. "We will see. That’s Life! was a very particular programme which lasted for 21 years. It talked about injustices, washing machines that broke and showed you a talking dog at its funniest.”

That's Life! was brought to an end in the early 1990s, after 442 episodes between 1973 and 1994. Throughout its run, Bill Buckley, Glyn Worship and Adrian Mills served as co-presenters.

Former presenter Rantzen, 74, added that she believes the series should have been freshened up rather than cancelled in 1994, directing a jab at former BBC director Alan Yentob in the process.

"What I would have done, Mr Yentob, is said: ‘OK, you have had a 21-year run. You are beginning to tell the same stories. So maybe let’s give you a year off, let’s find another presenter. Another three presenters. Let’s use Esther as a consultant.’

“What I would have done was refresh it cosmetically but keep that content. So maybe that is what is going to happen in January.”

UPDATE: Esther Rantzen has attempted to "clear up any confusion" about a That's Life! revival in a new statement.

The 74-year-old presenter said that the series airing in January is actually the live Channel 5 consumer show Do The Right Thing. Rantzen is joining the show as a presenter alongside hosts Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford.

“I am delighted that people remember That’s Life! with such warmth and affection," she said. "But to clear up any confusion, I am going to be back on TV with Eamonn and Ruth on their live series, Do The Right Thing on Channel 5."

She added that just like her role on That's Life!, she will be out to expose "conmen" in the new series and front numerous consumer campaigns.


"Those of you who saw it last series will know it’s got lots of fun items, consumer campaigns and features some incredible people doing extraordinary things. And any conmen our there, watch out, the teeth are still as sharp as ever!"

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