Doing Money tells the shocking true story of a young woman who was snatched off the street in London, trafficked to Ireland and forced into being a sex slave in pop-up brothels around the country.


The one-off factual drama from Vanity Fair writer Gwyneth Hughes stars a line-up of actors from Britain, Ireland and Romania to tell Ana’s harrowing story and shed light on a crime network that is hiding in plain sight.

Meet the cast below…

Anca Dumitra as Ana

Who is Ana? Ana is a young Romanian woman who was living in London and working as a cleaner before she was kidnapped in broad daylight and forced by her captors to “do money” and sell her body for sex.

Where do I recognise Anca Dumitra from? Romanian actor Dumitra has previously appeared in French-language film The Childhood of Icarus and the short film Bones for Otta, in which she played a prostitute who strikes up an unlikely friendship with an opera singer.

Allan Leech as DI Dougie Grant

Who is DI Dougie Grant? He is the policeman who made it his mission to save Ana, and women like her, and put her pimps in jail.

Where do I recognise Allan leech from? Viewers may remember Leech from his period drama roles, as Tom Branson from Downton Abbey or Francis Dereham in The Tudors. He also stars in the film Bohemian Rhapsody as Freddie Mercury’s personal manager Paul Prenter.

Karen Hassan as DC Rachel

Who is DC Rachel? The police officer assisting DI Dougie Grant in his investigation.

Where do I recognise Karen Hassan from? She has starred in The Fall and Vikings as well as playing Lynsey Nolan in Hollyoaks.

Tom Glynn-Carney as Sean

Who is Sean? Sean is a drug dealer who Ana becomes mixed up with – even though he’s a dodgy character and in and out of prison, he cares for Ana and they strike up an unlikely friendship.

Where do I recognise Tom Glynn-Carney from? He starred in Christopher Nolan’s war epic Dunkirk, and has also been in The Last Post and Casualty.

Cosmina Stratan as Ancuta

Who is Ancuta? The female pimp charged with keeping control of the girls and their bookings.

Where have I seen Cosmina Stratan before? She has starred in numerous Romanian productions including Beyond the Hills.

Alec Secareanu as Luca

Who is Luca? The man who kidnaps Ana off the street in London.

Where do I recognise Alec Secareanu from? Fans may have seen the Romanian actor in the 2017 film God’s Own Country.

Dragos Bucur as Ionut

Who is Ionut? The main pimp and boyfriend of Ancuta.

Where have I seen Dragos Bucur before? You might have seen him in the 2010 movie The Way Back alongside Colin Farrell or Ride Along starring Ice Cube and Kevin Hart. He has also appeared in episodes of The Missing and Wallander.

Voica Oltean as Skinny

Who is Skinny? She is the young woman who Ana befriends when they are being taken from brothel to brothel.

Where have I seen Voica Oltean before? You might have seen Oltean in the Romanian film Breaking News.

Alina Serban as Lily

Who is Lily? Lily is one of the other young women who has been trafficked.

Where have I seen Alina Serban before? She starred in the series The Last Enemy alongside Benedict Cumberbatch.

Turlough Convery as Declan

Who is Declan? He is a client who pays regular visits to Ana.

Where have I seen Turlough Convery before? Convery is best known for playing Tom Harry in Poldark, and his other credits include My Mad Fat Diary and River. He is also set to appear in the TV adaptation of Les Misérables.

Jonathan Harden as Liam

Who is Liam? A police officer assisting DI Dougie Grant in his investigation.

Where have I seen Jonathan Harden before? Harden played Sean Rawlins in the 2015 series of Unforgotten and he also played a copper in EastEnders.


Doing Money airs on Monday 5th November at 9pm on BBC2