In August this year, the BBC announced it had ordered a feature-length drama which observes the world of modern slavery and sex trafficking in Britain today.


The hard-hitting drama promises to expose the sordid dealings that makes ‘doing money’ so lucrative.

Here’s everything we know about the upcoming BBC2 drama…

When does it start?

Doing Money airs on Monday 5th November at 9pm on BBC2.

The fact-based drama has a 90-minute run-time as a feature-length, one-off programme.

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What’s Doing Money about?

The drama follows the heart-breaking and compelling story of Ana, a young Romanian woman living in London who is snatched off the street in broad daylight. Ana is then plunged into the world of sex slavery after she is trafficked to Ireland and put to work in a series of ‘pop-up’ brothels.

Ana’s tale, based on a true story, is presented to viewers as a thought-provoking thriller which aims to explore how this sort of modern slavery often hides in plain sight, with the difficulty in policing it resulting in few prosecutions in this field.

Speaking about the new drama, executive producer Alex Cooke explained, “We hope telling Ana’s story will give a voice to those women who are too often invisible to the people around them.

“I’m delighted we have such a brilliant international cast who gave remarkable performances to bring this insidious and captivating story of modern day slavery to life.”

Controller of BBC2 Patrick Holland, who commissioned the drama, added, “I’m delighted we have such a brilliant international cast who gave remarkable performances to bring this insidious and captivating story of modern day slavery to life."

Who’s in the cast of Doing Money?

The role of Ana will be played by Romanian actor Anca Dumitra, who has previously appeared in French-language film The Childhood of Icarus and short film Bones for Otta, where she plays a prostitute who strikes up an unlikely friendship with an opera singer.

Allan Leech (Getty, KB)
Allan Leech stars in Doing Money (Getty)

She is joined by Allan Leech, who viewers may remember as Tom Branson from the much-missed Downton Abbey. The part is a departure from his more recent period drama roles, which saw him previously play Francis Dereham in The Tudors.

Viewers may also recognise Leech’s name from the upcoming biopic Bohemian Rhapsody, as he’s set to play Freddie Mercury’s personal manager Paul Prenter.

Karen Hassan, Doing Money (Getty, KB)
Karen Hassan, Doing Money (Getty, KB)

The cast also includes Tom Glynn-Carney, who starred in Christopher Nolan’s war epic Dunkirk, Romanian actor Alec Sercareanu who fans may have seen in 2017 film God’s Own Country, and Karen Hassan, who starred in The Fall.

At the helm of the show is writer Gwyneth Hughes, who includes recent ITV period drama showpiece Vanity Fair and 2012 TV film The Girl amongst her work.

Vanity Fair ep 7 ITV picture publicity BD
Vanity Fair ep 7 ITV picture publicity

She is joined by director Lynsey Miller, who’s best known for BBC’s touching one-off drama The Boy with the Topknot, which documented the critically acclaimed memoirs of British journalist Sathnam Sanghera.


Is there a trailer?

Indeed there is, here you go...

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