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WWE WrestleMania 2021 match card and predictions

Check out the complete WWE WrestleMania 2021 match card, featuring big predictions from Cultaholic presenter Jack G King.

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Published: Friday, 9th April 2021 at 3:08 pm

It's that time of year again. Wrestling fans around the world are gearing up for a huge weekend as WWE WrestleMania 2021 gets underway with a packed match card spanning two nights.


To help make sense of it all, we have brought Cultaholic writer and presenter Jack G King on board to preview some of the biggest matches across the double-header of action.

Sasha Banks' WWE SmackDown Women's Championship title defence against Bianca Belair is expected to produce fireworks on Night 1.

On Night 2, expect Roman Reigns' Triple Threat showdown with Edge and Daniel Bryan to steal the headlines with the WWE Universal Championship up for grabs. has rounded up the full WWE WrestleMania 2021 match card including a handful of big predictions ahead of the big weekend.

Check out more predictions from Jack and the team at Cultaholic.

WrestleMania 2021 match card and predictions

Night 1 – Saturday 10th April

  • Sasha Banks (c) v Bianca Belair – Singles match for the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship

Jack says: Bianca Belair won the Royal Rumble, Sasha Banks is the WWE Women's Champion, and the dynamics are that Sasha is really established, whereas Bianca is an up-and-comer. Sasha Banks was recently in The Mandalorian, so she's got a bit of mainstream potential.

I think that match could be one of the stronger ones of the two nights in terms of fundamentals, and mechanically because they're both really talented wrestlers. But it's also got a strong story running through it with with the dynamic of Sasha being the more established star and Bianca being on the rise.

A lot of people are predicting Bianca is going to beat her, take the title and kind of cement herself as the new face of the women's division. Other people are saying Sasha's character may cheat somehow to get away with the belt. I've got Bianca Belair in the predictions. I think they might use this as an opportunity to get a new big star cemented.

  • Bad Bunny and Damian Priest v The Miz and John Morrison – Tag Team match

Jack says: It was originally supposed to just be The Miz versus Bad Bunny but obviously Bad Bunny is not a wrestler. He's a musician! It was always building up to be a match where more wrestlers were involved. Typically, when a celebrity is involved, they use a bit of smoke and mirrors to try and limit their involvement. And one way of doing that is to put them in a tag match where somebody can share the workload for them.

When that match was announced, I put a £2 bet on it becoming a tag match and I've now got I've now got a £9 return from that so I'm absolutely buzzing!

I think the purpose of the match is to make Damian Priest look strong by Bunny's tag partner because he, like Bianca Belair, is an up-and-comer. They both came from NXT.

This could be an excuse to have Damien Priest beat up The Miz and John Morrison – two more established names – and then Bad Bunny can probably do a couple of things and maybe get the pin as well. 100 per cent going for Bad Bunny and Damian. Celebrities rarely lose at WrestleMania. It will be a bit of a shocker if they didn't win here.

Full card

  • Bobby Lashley (c) v Drew McIntyre – Singles match for the WWE Championship
  • The New Day (c) v AJ Styles and Omos – Tag Team match for the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship
  • Braun Strowman v Shane McMahon – Steel Cage match
  • Cesaro v Seth Rollins – Singles
  • Lana and Naomi v Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose v The Riott Squad v Natalya and
  • Tamina – Tag Team Turmoil match, Winners to face Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship on Night 2

Night 2 – Sunday 11th April

  • Roman Reigns (c) v Edge v Daniel Bryan – Triple Threat match for the WWE Universal Championship

Jack says: This one is maybe the best – the build to this has been booked the best. You've got Edge, a returning legend from the 2000s, he won the Men's Royal Rumble in January, which was a bit of a surprise really.

You'd expect him to be the favourite because he's a returning favourite of old times, but they've introduced shades of grey into the storytelling here. He's gone a bit off the deep end, whereas Daniel Bryan has emerged as this third contender who is like the ultimate fan favourite and then Roman Reigns is just being totally evil trying to keep his hands on his on his title by any means.

In our predictions on the channel, we've all gone for different winners. There's no consensus. Nobody really seems to know what's going on.

I've personally gone for Daniel Bryan but that's purely just down to the fact that I'm banking on them wanting to end WrestleMania Night 2 on a on a positive note. They don't often close with the bad guy winning. And Roman is 100 per cent a bad guy, Edge is leaning that way too, Bryan's the only real good guy in the match.

I could also see Edge winning it. On Night 2, that's going to be 10 years to the day since he had to originally retire from wrestling so it'll be a bit of a sentimental moment if he won.

  • Kevin Owens v Sami Zayn (ft. Logan Paul) – Singles match

Jack says: The involvement of Logan Paul was really last minute. He only arrived on the TV show about a week or two before WrestleMania. Obviously, it's WWE trying to appeal to maybe a younger or more modern audience with a with a big name in YouTube. I think it's going to be interesting to see how the live audience respond to Logan Paul. I imagine he might get booed because of his reputation. I don't think a live wrestling crowd is going to have a really nuanced opinion on him.

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, are two old rivals; they've been tag team partners before, they've been bitter enemies before, they keep bumping into each other, whether it's in WWE or during their careers before that on the independent scene. They've got a long history and they can always be relied upon to put on a really good match.

I feel like the involvement of Logan Paul might inhibit that slightly and they might resort to a slightly more gimmicky story in the match. Logan Paul is currently aligned with Sami Zayn tentatively, but a lot of people think he's going to betray him and side with Kevin Owens in the end. Owens is the good guy in the feud. A lot of people think this is going to be Sami Zayn getting his comeuppance with Logan Paul's help. I've gone for Kevin Owens in this one.

And it's one of those frustrating matches for hardcore wrestling fans because if Owens and Zayn were just left to their own devices, they could easily steal the show. The whole story around this match is kind of limiting it in that way, but I understand why they've done it because of the mainstream appeal.

Full card

  • Asuka (c) v Rhea Ripley – Singles match for the WWE Raw Women’s Championship
  • The Fiend v Randy Orton – Singles match
  • Big E (c) v Apollo Crews – Nigerian Drum Fight for the WWE Intercontinental Championship
  • Riddle (c) v Sheamus – Singles match for the WWE United States Championship
  • Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler (c) v Tag Team Turmoil winners – Tag team match for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship

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